Let’s just let the Left keep talking and hoping “Boston” will go away because it won’t

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The hysterical screeching has already started. The Left is drawn to blame a terrorist attack on American soil on conservatives like a moth is drawn to a flame. They’re psychopaths who only care about moving their destructive agenda forward. Liberals will say anything; they can’t do otherwise. They’re not bound by any restrictions of common human decency because they have none.    

Despicable cancers such as Chris Matthews, Michael Moore and lunatic Cynthia McKinney have already started accusing conservatives of this ugly attack.  Let them keep talking.

Either the Boston Police or the media are lying about whether or not a suspect is in custody. Betting on the media seems to be the smart move here. The Left’s problem is that it doesn’t know what lie to tell, so let them keep talking.

The police/media contradiction puts the Left in a no-win situation. If the police stick to their story, at some point the Left will lose control of the news narrative because either they will or will not have a suspect. If they do have a suspect, questions about why they denied it will come up; if they never did have one the media branch of the Left will lose its ability to manage the story because Americans will demand to know why there is no suspect.

Justifiable cries about a “conspiracy of lies” will pop up all over.

That will give rise to questions of whether or not the establishment can actually protect us if they were even interested in trying. Let them keep talking about that in the face of what has happened.  

The linkage between the cover up of Benghazi and Boston (the alliteration won’t help the Left either) will be unavoidable.  If there is a suspect, questions about whether or not he will be treated as a common criminal or an unlawful enemy combatant will be asked. If he is, “just a criminal” will he be put on trial like the jihadist who shot up Fort Hood? Will the ACLU represent him and drag the case out forever?  The Left will try to hide behind, “I can’t comment on an ongoing investigation” but that won’t help.  Because of Fort Hood people know the plan is to have their “on- going investigation” continue until we stop asking questions, but every indication is Boston won’t “just go away” as they hope.    

None of this will be good for Barack Obama’s dreams of making America a European country. Nor will it help the Left erase our borders and take our guns. If we just stand back and let the Left talk we can win both fights.         

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