Liberal think tank “make believe” aside, the U-Haul index shows Californians fleeing to Texas

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 Here’s a bit of good news: California’s economy is improving! Of course it is not true and this pronouncement comes from a liberal think tank, but hey it sounds so good doesn’t it?

What’s laughable is that The Rockefeller Foundation and Yale professor Jacob Hacker claim this “improvement” is proven by the fact that the percentage of California’s families reporting a major economic loss last year dropped by 1.4% which is a whole .10% better than the national average.  The fact that California is so economically distressed and has been for so long that there are few families left to experience economic losses doesn’t seem to enter into Professor Hacker’s formula.     

Now for so reality: according to those who study the fiscal and economic health of a state, a much more honest measurement is the “U-Haul Index” which examines the cost of moving in or out of a given state.  The latest U-Haul Index the one way cost of renting a 20 foot truck to go from San Francisco to San Antonio Texas is $1,693 yet making the trip in reverse costs only $983.00 for the same truck.

People are voting again, only this time no amount of vote fraud can change the outcome. Americans are moving with their feet. They are packing up and leaving California and its insane policies for the relative financial safety of Texas.  The exodus is being fuelled by higher and higher taxes higher unemployment (even with Democrats announcing the numbers) forced union membership and a hostile climate for business in California.  On the scale of friendliness toward business California stands the 48th out of the 50 states and Texas is just 9th. The tax burden is 1/3 less in Texas than it is in California.   

The percentage of Californians in poverty is growing so far that although it represents 12% of the nation’s population it accounts for 1/3 of all of America’s welfare recipients.   

In each of the last eight years Texas has been the number one state for inward migration and California has been dead last in this category.

Let the Ivory Tower preach empty words about things improving in California, but the truth looks like things aren’t getting better. The voice of the people is too loud to be ignored; California is the place to be from and Texas is the place to go.      




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3 thoughts on “Liberal think tank “make believe” aside, the U-Haul index shows Californians fleeing to Texas”

  1. Thank you for this truthful, timely article.
    Here in AZ, we are being invaded with X CA residence, and thousands more, unemployed, coming form NV.

    They are the first to tell their story: “how the once promised land ” has been trashed by ultra -liberal progressive- leadership.

    what they rarely discuss: is why ultra -liberal- politics in CA, had nothing to do, with progressivism.

    “they” have figured out the newly created minorities through Govt hand-out programs was set-up for the punitive raping,by leadership, and they are the “cash cows” to pay for it.

    This new unbelly created called , the new age, “hope and change” and “spreading around the wealth” is, the experiment that’s working very well and the hallmark of the Bo leadership.

    Under the hyperbole called,”transparency” who’s going believe it, or report it?

    If we all wait a little longer America, since the fiscal abyss inclues all of us, there will be no place to run. Or did we seriously think we wouldn’t be paying for this social experiment gone mad?

    1. Hi, Carol,AZ…..those SAME Californians who turned their backs upon the State of Arizona when Az. sued the Federal gummint over their refusal to enforce immigration laws??? THOSE “hinkey”, schitzoid, Californians are now, like the Israelites fleeing the tyranny of Egypt…seeking a better place to live???? Aw sheesh, Carol….my sympathies…truly.
      What utter gall.
      Their asinine voting patterns allowed California to become the trash and sump midden it now is.
      Those California elites, who are probably the only ones who can afford to LEAVE the bloody state now….tended to be Liberals.
      I don’t suppose they’ve had their collectivist consciences “raised” enough to keep their meddlesome, clueless fingers OUT of the politics and belief systems of the more savvy, and certainly more patriotic residents of Arizona.
      Too bad each State receiving these emigres of the “Californication-persuasion” cannot exact a special Federal Appeals Court “head-tax” or assessment….to help defray the expenses of those states still clinging to their right of Sovereignty against the Obama administration.
      Now is the time for California to drop into the ocean and spare the rest of us having to pay for, or to live next door to, those who have helped destroy America.
      Please….to all the wonderful conservative Californians who are MORE angry about all these goings on than we are…leave California, and join the ranks of other “Red States” who would be delighted to have you!!
      The GREAT Obama LIES continue, don’t they Carol?
      Disinformation and deceit is all they know.

  2. Liberals are a virus. They implement their socialist agenda and when it becomes unbearable for them, they pack up and move to another state only to repeat the process again.

    I suspect that Texas will be twice as screwed up as California within 20 years.

    Suggestion to Texas: Check IDs before allowing people live in Texas. If the license says “California”, put them on a plane back to California.

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