Liberals can’t stand the truth: Abortion mills prove Democrats hate Black people


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

  Last week a Black liberal member of the New York City Council used her influence to get a clear unambiguous and totally true anti abortion message taken down.

The “offending” message came in the form of a huge picture of a beautiful little Black girl about four year’s old standing below the words, “The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb.”

 The false and revolting logic spewed from the Black liberal (who is to the Left of the Democrats so she is a member of the Marxist/Socialist Working Families Party) was instructive. She denied the continuing genocide of America’s African Americans by White Democrats starting soon after the Roe v. Wade Decision was rendered. 

  The Working Families Party comrade whined that since February is Black History Month any reminder of the average 1,876 Black babies whose lives are snuffed out each day in America was “highly offensive.”    

 In classic liberal style she said nothing that refuted the message. Planned Parenthood, the Democrats’ partner in this genocide, whose death mills are almost exclusively in poor minority neighborhoods, called the message “offensive and condescending effort to stigmatize and shame African-American woman.”

 Telling liberals the truth seems to always be “condescending” and “stigmatizing.” Nevertheless, here’s some truth these people can’t deny.

 Since 1973 if aborted Black babies had been allowed to live, the African American population in America would be at least 25% higher.

  During the same period roughly 5.5 million African Americans have died from Aids, Violent Crimes Accidents Cancer and Heart Disease combined, yet even this number is dwarfed by the 13 million aborted Black babies who never saw a minute of life.   

The number of Black babies aborted in New York City each day is stunning and clearly proves the warning: “The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb” even as compared to the City’s murder among African Americans.

 While two of three murder victims in New York City are African American in actual numbers this means about 350 of the total of approximately 500. Less than one African American is the victim of a murder each day in New York City.

This number becomes virtually statistically insignificant compared to the average of 112 Black babies who are aborted every day in the city where the Working Families Party Marxist was “highly offended.”    

 Good news :Planned Parenthood has been defunded

 After years of using our tax dollars to promote the slaughter of innocent babies, Planned Parenthood has been defunded. The House voted overwhelmingly to stop paying these monsters.  Voting for one Party over another does make a difference.

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3 thoughts on “Liberals can’t stand the truth: Abortion mills prove Democrats hate Black people”

  1. Given a 96% success rate with black voters, you'd think Democrats would want as many as possible to be added to national voting lists. The vagaries of the leftist mind!

  2. To libextreme

    So you are suggesting that the wholesale killing off of black babies by the left is done for "the well being of society?" What a lousy liberal YOU are!

    1. actually, it's not just democrats, but all of the elites have this perspective……..just look at what's happening worldwide with the U.S. government's help……..hillary clinton is promoting sterilization in black countries while we donate to the UN's assistance of one child policies in china and mandated abortions and 'reproductive' health programs throughout the remaining under developed world……..the overpopulation myth is alive and aggressively being enacted on those deemed 'unfit'

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