Like child molesters and drug addicts liberals can NEVER be cured of their lusts


By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

Like child molesters and drug addicts, liberals can’t be cured of their addiction. They want to run our lives in every way possible. New York City’s Mayor Nanny Bloomberg is one such liberal. He won election twelve years ago by pretending to be another Rudy Giuliani. But even though he knew he was legally limited to two terms Nanny’s liberal lust for power was ultimately just as strong as a fish eyed child molester’s lust for gratification. Nanny got the also term limited City Council to say, “Oops the people made a mistake and as their friends we’ll fix it for them – there term limits – are all gone!”

An emboldened Nanny and friends have since prohibited smoking in public parks and beaches, changed the lunch menus in schools to “healthy portions of salad” that nobody eats and set their sights on lowering the salt intake of their subjects by 25%.

Nevertheless, these regulations, like the regulations all liberals force on us, were not enough; they never are.

Finding themselves in painful “legislative withdrawal” Nanny’s gang NEEDED to pass another edict. They decided that no one should be allowed to drink more than 16 oz. of soda from one container. That this will destroy small businesses all over the city means nothing to a liberal who is full “Jones.”

Just next door in Connecticut another liberal addict has stepped up to challenge Nanny for the crown of “Ultimate arrogant liberal – Northeast sector.”

Democrat Betsy Ritter, an addicted Waterford Ct., liberal has proposed a “hoarder’s tax.”  Under this formula the state would dictate to corporations how much money they would be allow to keep without spending it on the  “job creating”  programs liberals don’t know how to create.

A undoubtedly glassy eyed Ritter has her fangs ready to bite the necks of two “evil” nuclear power plants SHE doesn’t believe should be holding as much of their own money as their stock holders do. You can’t make this up.

If there is a difference between these liberals and child molesters or drug addicts it is very hard to find. All three will do ANYTHING to satisfy their lusts.



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5 thoughts on “Like child molesters and drug addicts liberals can NEVER be cured of their lusts”

  1. BUT the stupid people keep electing them till it really hurts
    these dumb asses deserve all the pain they get
    I hope they are starting to feal it Please
    or however you spell it you get the picture

  2. The author is dead wrong when he says that drug addicts can’t be cured, & I am living proof.

    I was addicted to nicotine for 20 years. I was a heavy smoker, smoking well over a pack a day. I smoked Marlboro 100’s, which I believe has a heavy nicotine content when compared to other brands.

    But I have now gone a decade w/o smoking cigarettes, & yes, the quitting process for me lasted a grueling 4 & 1/2 months. One morning I woke up, it just hit me: I realized that I am not a (tobacco) smoker anymore….& I haven’t looked back!

    God works in mysterious ways.

  3. I don’t beilve any of the 3 above mentioned types of people: liberals, child molesters, or drug addicts are happy or ever will be happy. They create misery for themselves and those around them. The song “You And Tequila” speaks adequately about these types of people”One is one too many. One more is never enough!”

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