London Olympics’ $1.6 billion investment in dhimmitude and political correctness

by Doug Book,  staff writer

If cowardice and political correctness have resulted in endless capitulation to the whims of Islamic groups in the United States, imagine the concessions “granted” by organizers of the London Olympics to the more than 1 million Muslims living in the British capital!

Here are some of the ways in which the “relentlessly dhimmi IOC,” (International Olympic Committee) has indulged Muslim nations and athletes:

Against all previous Olympic regulations, female Saudi judo participants are now permitted to compete in Hijab, regardless of rules which had banned any use of head coverings for safety purposes. The Olympic Village has dedicated areas for Muslim prayer, the Village dining area will be open 24 hours to accommodate Ramadan eating stipulations and a team of Muslim clerics will be available to all Islamic athletes. Halal (Islam approved) meat and meals will be served to Muslims and non-Muslims alike and game volunteers have been trained to not offend Mohammedan sensitivities by answering visitor questions in “Islamically correct ways.” (1)

The East London location of the Olympics has historically witnessed the greatest number of arrests of Islamic radicals in Britain. As the Games are taking place during Ramadan, British officials are concerned that “Muslim terrorists will strike during the sacred month…thinking it will be an opportunity for going to heaven.” (1) As a result, nearly $90,000 per athlete will be spent for security over the 17 day course of the Games, a total of $1.6 billion dollars.  (2)

An eleven mile ring of electric fencing topped with razor wire stretches around the site of the Games. An aircraft carrier will be docked in the Thames, surface to air missile systems will “scan the skies” and drones will patrol the events. London has also been wired with “…a new range of scanners, biometric ID cards, number-plate and facial-recognition CCTV systems, disease tracking systems, new police control centres and checkpoints.” (3)

All of this represents “the greatest mobilization of military and security forces in the UK since the Second World War, with more troops deployed than in…Afghanistan…” (3)

All in all, a fortune has been spent protecting Olympics participants and spectators from a threat of terror attacks by London’s own population of Islamic radicals; the same radicals for whom an unprecedented number of event concessions have been made. And no one connected in any way with the Games—from event organizers to British politicians—dare admit this simple and irrefutable fact.  

Islam’s designs on subjecting every nation to the Sharia mandates of Muhammed’s “religion of peace” are clearly running ahead of schedule, thanks to the assistance of energetic dhimmis around the world. And unlike every other war against mankind, no one is permitted to talk about it!

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4 thoughts on “London Olympics’ $1.6 billion investment in dhimmitude and political correctness”

  1. Hey, week No. 2 and everything seems to be going okay. Honestly, I watch Olympic coverage to get away from politics and other forms of all-purpose whining. I especially like those events — like track and field and swimming — that are based solely on time and distance scores. No judges evaluating obscure style points!

    Anyway enjoy the Olympics (as much as you can) because you know what’s coming up next….

  2. Please don’t offend the muslims they may strap a bomb onto a 7 year old kid and send him out in the crowds.

  3. Doug, let’s not forget that the Olympics Committee and the London organizers also badly “dissed” Israel by refusing to State the fact that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel….only mentioning that most of Israel’s business is conducted in Tel Aviv…..the media notes gave the credit of Jerusalem as being the capital of Palestine…..Ack ! gag, gasp, yuk, and grab the ‘barf-bags’ folks….how’s THAT for blatant, “in-your-face”, unapologetic ‘dhimmitude’ ?
    I am conducting a personal boycott of all televised Olympic events and forums….and I’ve also been given to understand that I am NOT alone in my protest. Americans and Canadians…..many others are joining in just as they have done in their support for Chick-fil-a, en masse, and with genuine anger toward those that trash American traditions of fair play and ‘private’ enterprise (NOT State-sponsored, politically correct and controlled garbage).
    How do you think the sponsors of all this Olymic hoopla and hype would feel if they knew their advertizing dollars had been mis-spent?
    Gag me with a Muck-Luck…..every time I HEAR the word “International” anymore I want to reach for my pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution as if it would……like a bunch of pointed stakes, several ropes of fresh garlic, a couple of Crucifixes, and some silver bullets….protect me and the folks of this America we love from the vampires who are sucking the life’s blood out of this nation…
    The Constitution, if supported, WOULD eliminate all this preferential bias and federal government intrusion….but where are its’ administrators ? Where are its’ defenders in government?
    Who will slay the vampires?

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