Marxist Democrat’s Health Care schemes are certain to destroy many small businesses

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The Democrats are always trying to destroy America and turn us into France.

Their latest attacks are their plans to nationalize Health Care.

Marxist Democrats have three plans: One each from: Nancy Pelosi; Ted Kennedy (and his waitress sandwich sidekick Chris Dodd); and Max Baucus.

Yet even now before anything has been passed, the leftist New York Times has admitted these plans have begun to cost American jobs.

Employers know what is coming

Even if the Democrats don’t understand it, America’s small business owners understand nationalizing Health Care will be a huge job killer. What else can employers think, when they hear all of these new plans will require big out lays of Health Care premiums from them?

These plans will require employers of more than 20 workers to pay 65% of the costs of covering them and their family’s health care. Employers will also have to collect the other 35% from their workers to make up the difference. Obama will make employers part-time government collection agents. In his twisted Marxist mind profit is evil anyway.

How will America’s small businesses, where 60 to 80% of American jobs come from, survive under the strain, and where does this take us?

It brings us right back to the Marxist plans Obama has to bankrupt America. Sure employers can slow down recruiting, and hire only the best available workers, but they don’t dare lay off current workers to save money.

Unemployment insurance payments will more than make up any savings.

Laid off workers are paid with tax money taken from employers; so the longer the worker is unemployed and receiving payments the worse it is for the company involved and all of us. We never hear this from our enemies in the media, do we? They’re too busy shinning Obama’s shoes.

Action alert

Watching this guy Obama you see he has a certain air of smugness about him that says, “I don’t care what you say or do because I’m going to destroy America and remake it into a country I think is fair and that’s that.”

Right now he is holding all the cards, but we can and must step up to slow this train down and turn it around. America needs us now.

Get educated. Get involved. We have the big Cap and Tax bill vote coming up on Friday.

The Marxists are saying they have the votes to pass it.

Maybe, maybe not; we are the only thing standing in his way.

Let your Representative know you understand what is happening and you don’t want any part of it.

We can’t trust anyone to do this for us. We have to do it for ourselves our children and grandchildren. If not us; who will do it?

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