May’s College grads will learn lessons their Marxist Professors didn’t teach

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 The importance of learning real world practical skills from a college degree program has never been more obvious.

 College undergraduate courses that should more accurately be named, “Hating Conservatives 101” “Being Ashamed of America” “White Guilt” and “Radical Chic” are even less useful now than ever before.  The garbage radical professors have been cramming into our young generation’s heads, for so many years, has finally caught up to them and it is doing appalling damage.  

  Two of three voters 18 to 29 voted for Obama’s “hope and change.”  They were urged to by the beard and paisley dress crowd. But to what end?

  Young workers, those of college age are unemployed at a rate above 24%. College educated young workers are not faring well under Obama’s administration.

  Colleges can help their graduates find jobs, but their socialist fantasies can’t find them jobs that have been eliminated by the policies of Obama the man college students were told to vote for. 

 Everywhere we look, we see the employment picture is upside down. People sixty five and up are packing bags in grocery stores and recent college graduates are stepping into those “much sought after” fast food mangerial jobs.    

 The lesson that elections have consequences apparently is not taught on enough American college campuses. Exit polls confirm 50% of college graduates voted for Obama as did 58% of postgraduates did.

The unemployment rate at the time that these “educated” young people voted for someone they knew nothing about, was 6.7%. Now it’s 2 points higher.     

 It is one thing to have a job and lose it, but for a very large percentage of May’s college graduates even getting hired initially will be impossible. Moreover, contrary to popular belief about the American economy’s capacity to employ college educated workers, the Bureau of Labor Statistics consistently states the number of college graduates being sent to job opportunities exceeds the number of positions and virtually always has. 

The current economic pains might not be totally Obama’s fault, but his total lack of concern for America’s health and spirit is clearly contributing to the destruction of our nation.  Perhaps the younger generation will grow wise in the pressure of fighting this war against a regime bent on the destruction of America and their individual futures, but that might not be a sure thing.  Brainwashing has taken a serious toll on the ability of our college graduates to think clearly.

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 This day in history March 30

1870: The 15th Amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing the right of Blacks and everyone else to vote went into effect. The Republicans passed the Amendment and the Democrats fought it every step of the way.

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In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both. 

 Remember we have work to do. Join your local TEA party and Republican County   Committees to make sure real conservatives get our nominations.

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5 thoughts on “May’s College grads will learn lessons their Marxist Professors didn’t teach”

  1. Here is a good college who get no gov funding nothing..They do not want it !

    I'll explain more about the importance of this survey in a moment. But first, let me tell you why I support Hillsdale College so strongly and why I hope you will too.

    Educating Millions of Americans on the Importance of Liberty

    Unlike most other colleges in America, Hillsdale teaches its students:
    Why the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States are the greatest charters of human liberty ever written, and are responsible for America quickly becoming the freest, most prosperous nation in human history;

    Why capitalism is essential to American freedom and prosperity; and

    Why faith in God, far from undermining liberty as many ACLU-style liberals claim, supports liberty. As Thomas Jefferson wrote:

    "[C]an the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are the gift of God?"
    These ideas are no longer taught at many American colleges.

    Hannity and Dick Morris.. We need to support them to ! I know where my children will go to college.

  2. As we all know, the dumbing down and brainwashing of kids from 1st grade through college is quite deliberate, with the goal of creating perpetual Democrat voters and Big Brother dependents. But what the heck…should an employer need someone qualified to put condoms on cucumbers, he'll have all the experienced applicants he could want!

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  4. Obama is the mixture of a bad egg and spoiled sperm and consequently shoul have been thrown out with the bath water.

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