Maybe Jim DeMint’s resignation wasn’t such a big loss after all


 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 When South Carolina’s Republican Senator Jim DeMint resigned to head the Heritage Foundation most “outside the Beltway” conservatives were at first apprehensive about the net effect it would cause.  The thinking on DeMint’s move slowly evolved to “Jim can do things outside of the system he can’t do/say while in the Senate.” It sounded reasonable – after all this was Jim DeMint.

Since he took over Heritage DeMint has been an irritant to the Gang of Eight as they fight to destroy America by erasing our borders, but time has shown that alas he is not the “all in” warrior for our safety we assumed he would be.  The abrupt “resignation” of Jason Richwine, a Harvard trained PhD, from his position as a Heritage Foundation analyst/writer tells us a different story about DeMint.             

Richwine HAD to be banished from Heritage for committing the heretical outrage of telling the truth about the destructive effect mass waves of Hispanic immigration have had on America’s economy.  Worse still Richwine took the “head on” position that the damage has been caused because of the lower IQ of these immigrants.

Richwine exposed Teddy Kennedy’s lies about the probable results of his Immigration Reform legislation. We know now that it was a clever gambit to replace the Democrat votes being lost in the South. Today we have veritable conga line of new low IQ immigrants eager to reward the Democrat Party for holding the door open for them.       

 The whines and howls that followed from the Left were of course to be expected. It is simply “not allowed” to point out differences in IQ among various races and ethnic groups unless you are saying a minority group (usually Asian) has a slightly higher IQ than any other.

Nevertheless, other unexpected voices have joined in the attacks on Richwine – those who should be defending him and using the data he presented demonstrate the lower IQ immigrant costs us $6.3 TRILLION.

After the first squeal from the Left about Jason Richwine’s  R-a-c-i-s-m,  within three days Jim DeMint folded and begged for mercy.  Heritage denounced its own White Paper on IQ and race by bleating its findings, “… in no way reflect the positions of The Heritage Foundation.” How we wish they did.

Jim DeMint agreed with the Left that it is better to never mention what wave immigration has done to America because it makes for uncomfortable evenings at DC cocktail parties.

Maybe we are better off with DeMint out of the Senate.


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8 thoughts on “Maybe Jim DeMint’s resignation wasn’t such a big loss after all”

  1. @Coach–

    As you are well aware, all of these “conservative” NGOs** (and the liberal ones, as well) are essentially in the fund-raising business. As such, they must never take a strong position on anything, lest they offend some donor.

    Moreover, the idea of throwing red meat to the donor base hardly ever works, as the sad case of the late Sam Francis clearly indicates. While the liberal NGOs do slightly better with the red meat approach, even for them, they all keep far away from the full Commie line, which is really what most of them believe in.

    Incidentally, I am curious as to why only Teddy K is blamed for the great 1965 immigration disaster. If anything, Jacob Javits was a bigger sponsor and cheerleader—or do we hesitate to mention this because he was Jewish?

    ** non-governmental organization

    1. We post only 300 to 500 word essays here so adding names beyond those that make the point doesn’t work.

  2. You messed up on that post, Coach. I read your articles daily but won’t be now. Maybe losing you isn’t such a great loss after all.

  3. What have the waves of illegal immigration done to transform every part of America?
    The average border jumper is reported to have a 7th grade education. It’s further reported, 51 % don’t finish high school once they get here.
    This process has trashed entire school system through -out America and the tax payer allowed it to happen.
    It’s broken the fiscal budgets of over nine states that report now ,” having more people on welfare than are working.” These states are all open border states and have told the law enforcement agencies to stand down on immigration.

    We’ve set up the system to support the sp. lang. a Govt.’s master plan for a social re-engineering of the poor. It all started slowly in the 1990’s. IT’S A TOTAL FAILURE.
    Now we’re stuck with this massive problem of another Govt. screw up, and also being told , “somehow we’ll responsible. ” More white guilt ?

    What the gang of eight really want: is a cheap labor force . It will help to keep the cost of the America living wage down in key industries taking jobs from hard working American families. Also passing on all costs for other services, pay for by you, the tax payer.
    The gang of eight are also telling all of us , these illegals ” will do jobs that Americans won’t do.”
    How dare they decide for the millions of out-of-work Americans what they’ll do , or not, to support their families.
    What’s clear from here is what we are all paying for:
    Sec 8 housing, public healthcare, border babies ,food stamps, Fed. Pell Grants, all court costs, incarnation costs, ACLU lawyers , and the list goes on and on.
    When RINO Rubio tells us ,” no one will get assistance on this new age program “It’s all a lie.
    They are already getting welfare and do you really expect that some magic process is going to take it all away.

    When States like AZ said, ” NO”: disallowing welfare for illegals here , ~ 400,000 left our state.
    We’ve saying NO again. NO, to massive amnesty, No, to welfare. and NO to McCain and Flake.
    If your wondering about our S/W border under this nightmare plan only 60% of the border is protected.
    The Gang of eight lie about that too.

  4. Immigration debate attracts wide swath of lobbyists

    “Money has played a major role in the current drama to overhaul the nation’s immigration laws, with millions of dollars spent in the past year trying to influence or kill various proposals that could affect a variety of special interests.
    As senators begin debate on the so-called Gang of Eight’s proposal, which would provide a pathway to citizenship for an estimated 11 million people here illegally, plus family members, or their gay partners, welling their numbers well into the 30 millions,  hundreds of lobbyists representing tech companies, agriculture interests and students along with families living here illegally, have flanked Capital Hill to ensure members of Congress address their needs.”

    Super PAC Donor Adelson Targeting New Senate Race for 2014?

    “Sheldon Adelson (chairman and CEO, Las Vegas Sands Corp., Nevada), one of the wealthiest men in America, may be putting in place the structure for spending millions of dollars in independent expenditures in the 2014 elections. A new filing indicates money has moved from one of his 2012 super PACs to a new non-profit corporation in another state (Georgia).
    During 2011-2012 Adelson and his wife and companies contributed over $90 million to various committees. One of his vehicles was Independence Virginia PAC, a super PAC, spent $4,921,410 against U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine (D-Va.). Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Corporation contributed $4 million to the super PAC.”

    I think we now know what happened over at the Heritage Foundation, and who demanded that Jason Richwine be fired, and why.
    Although I have called for no outside PAC funds be asked for or accepted in Georgia’s upcoming Senatorial, it’s clear to me Mr. Adelson’s money will be used in the 2014 elections to help those political candidates who will support this treasonous immigration amnesty proposal. 

    ex animo

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