Maybe these odds and ends tie together to give us a ray of hope

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

It’s hard to argue with Rush Limbaugh’s observation that “The Left will always tell us what they fear.” Remember the way they attacked Sarah Palin and let John McCain talk himself out of winning in 2008? The Left’s never ending investigations of Darrell Issa come to mind as well.  Now we’re seeing the Left going full bore against Voter ID laws. What other reason for the immediate lawsuits against these laws could there be? 

The Left understands that honest elections kill them. There are some elections Democrats just can’t win without cheating. They buy votes with “free” stuff; they bribe individuals to vote Democrat several times; they disallow absentee ballots from America’s warfighters–even those voting from combat zones; they bring honest results or dishonest results they don’t like to court and ask Democrat judges to overturn them. The sunlight of honest elections is like a cross to Dracula.

This is why they make up ridiculous objections like “the lines are too long when proof of identity must be presented”, or “getting a photo ID is too expensive and time consuming.”

They’ll say anything but the truth which is they can’t win without cheating.

Tie these facts to the recent illegal alien swamping of a gate at the border between San Diego and Mexico that saw hundreds of people demanding political asylum using the same phrase: “I have credible proof that my life is in danger from a drug cartel”  and we begin to see that Democrats might be afraid of not getting enough new voters.

Add both of these points to House Republicans’ insisting they will not vote for amnesty and we might actually be looking at signals that, in spite of Democrat boasts of having “40 to 50 House Republicans ready to vote for amnesty,” maybe for once it’s the Republicans who are telling the truth.

This might be just a fanciful thought on a mid-summer’s day, but one has to wonder why the Democrats would risk roiling us up with the asylum stunt if they knew they could just wait until October, throw the gates open and blame the Republicans for destroying our border security..

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2 thoughts on “Maybe these odds and ends tie together to give us a ray of hope”

  1. Coach-here in Peru when you vote you take your photo ID to your voting precinct where there is a voter log book with photos. You sign the log book, get your ballot, give your fingerprint that is placed in the log book near your signature and by the time you cast your ballot and leave your finger has been
    dipped in ink that lasts up to a week so that everybody can see you voted so that no body gets away with voter fraud. Hispanics who get amnesty and those who havent can see that our democracy is a joke. If they are forced to ask if the system is permitting our democracy to be subverted they will sheepishly admit that it is and no they wouldnt like that to happen to their country. SO WHY THE HELL CANT OUR COWARDLY REPUBLICANS PUT HISPANICS ON THE SPOT AND DIVIDE THE GOOD ONES FROM THE BUMS WHOSE VOTES WE`LL NEVER WIN ANYWAY? We must question the hispanic electorate and ask “Do you want America to be like the you`ve dreamt about? Keep our nation prosperous and Vote for the American dream
    Vote Republican”

  2. @Coach–

    No doubt, fraud is rampant, but isn’t it time to also ask ourselves why people continue to vote for these Dem pukes? The sad fact is—and it is one that many conservatives avoid or deny: Most people do NOT want freedom, but do want a “benevolent” dictator.

    FDR was elected four times, based on giving people free stuff, despite an awful war and a horrible economy. Now, if you remove the war, as we do now, with only minor (and pointless) actions taking place, the dictator really is perceived as benevolent enough. And note well that perception is all that matters. Obama will go down in history as the only president who literally did not accomplish anything. More than that, the economy is in shambles, but he got re-elected.

    In truth, there is probably no hope, but there is definitely no hope with the current corp of Republicans.

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