Media useful idiots endanger America by painting Muslim Brotherhood as Jeffersonian democrats


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

In 2005’s Egyptian parliamentary elections the Muslim Brotherhood ran candidates officially called “Independents” who won 20% of the seats. The Brotherhood has been unofficially involved in Egyptian politics since 1980. 

 Emboldened by the protestors filling Cairo’s streets the Brotherhood has taken the next logical step in the fulfillment of its dream to Islamize the entire world. It has announced it will apply for recognition as a formal political party.

 Those unfamiliar with the aims of the Brotherhood have to consider its motto and the obvious implications it holds for Egypt and ultimately the world. The Brotherhood operates solely by these words to achieve its goals: “Allah is our objective; The Prophet is our leader; Qur’an is our law; Jihad is our way; and dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope” 

 Playing rope a dope with the western media

The Brotherhood, as all forms of organized Islam, is very patient and focuses on long term goals. They are very cunning. They are westernized enough to realize that by appearing moderate and keeping their motto out of western eyes they can get the “useful idiots” in the western media to make them look like Jeffersonian democrats.

  A typical example of this foolishness comes from a blog maintained by the University of Wisconsin at Madison (UWM) (where else?).

A UWM Law professor characterized talking about the dangers of a Muslim Brotherhood run Egypt as, “hysterical fear mongering” and  the possibility of Egypt going to war with Israel “wildly implausible.”    


Unfortunately there is every indication that the New York Times and the rest of the American media will work overtime spraying perfume on a group whose  goal is the death of the Western Christian/Judeo way of life. When the Egyptian elections are held in September the Brotherhood will win, whether it wins honestly or not.

The Nazi connection

 In 1941 Mohammad Amin al-Husayni The Grand Mufti (the military leader) of all Palestinian Arabs, formed an alliance with Hitler to murder all of the Jews living in the Middle East.

Saddam Husain’s Baathist Party had deep ties to the Nazi influence among North African Muslims. Like Hitler he came to power by ruthlessness and corruption.

The Muslim Brotherhood is well aware of how Adolph Hitler was “legally elected” to power. Today the Brotherhood is in an even better position to be “legally elected” to rule Egypt.

The grandchildren of the “journalists” who told us Castro was not a Communist but a revolutionary merely trying to free his people are backing the Brotherhood. The children of the “journalists” who wrote that the Ayatollah Khomeini’s ascension to power in Iran would make it a stable country are now telling us the Muslim Brotherhood is a bunch of Jeffersonian democrats.

They were/are all wrong. The Muslim Brotherhood will be politically and militarily in control of Egypt after September’s election.

This is not a good thing for America Israel or the world.       

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