Melson Testimony Proves Gunwalker a Most Despicable Obama Regime Plot

By Doug Book, staff writer

  On July 4th, Acting ATF Director Ken Melson testified for hours before representatives of the Grassley/Issa congressional committees. Personal counsel in tow, Melson made a number of allegations concerning the Department of Justice and two agencies under DOJ control—the FBI and the DEA.

According to his testimony, not only did the DOJ refuse his repeated requests that the ATF be permitted to provide information demanded by the congressional committees, the Department also arranged for tax dollars from the FBI and DEA to help finance Fast and Furious straw buyers.

And as Fast and Furious supplied weapons were found at the murder scenes of both ICE agent Jaime Zapata and Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, it means that both killings were financed by American taxpayers.

Equally disturbing to Grassley and Issa is the fact that the DOJ tried to “…conceal from congress the possible involvement of other agencies in identifying and maybe even working with the same criminals that Operation Fast and Furious was trying to identify.”

That is, the FBI and DEA were working with the same drug dealing, gun trafficking higher ups the ATF was ostensibly targeting and hoping to unmask with Fast and Furious.

One such individual, deported years earlier by the DEA, is now working as a “counter terror informant”, tasked with reporting to the FBI the possible presence of dirty bombs and al Qaeda members crossing the Mexican border into the US. Yet neither agency shared this information with the ATF. And, of course, neither did Eric Holder’s Department of Justice.

 Two days after Melson’s testimony, the story broke of guns being walked out of the ATF office in Tampa, Fla. Their destination, Honduras, has become a major gateway for Colombian drugs entering Mexico and the United States. The weapons presumably went to Honduran M-13 and M-18 gangs which have taken over the drug trade in the nation, making deals with Mexican and Colombian cartels.

So these are the facts:

–Fast and Furious was not purely a Phoenix based operation. Guns are now known to have been walked from Houston and Tampa field offices and perhaps many others. This makes Gunwalker a NATIONWIDE federal scheme.

–The FBI and DEA employed drug dealers and gun traffickers who participated in Fast and Furious.

–One Fast and Furious weapon was found at the scene of Jaime Zapata’s murder, two at the scene of Brian Terry’s. Has anyone ever heard of murderers leaving their weapons at the scene of the crime, unless they were killed or captured on the spot?

–Although US procured weapons account for only about 14% of firearms found at Mexican crime scenes, 3 Fast and Furious guns mysteriously showed up at murder scenes–of American agents.

A surefire way for the 2nd amendment hating Obama Regime to secretly manufacture an outcry for tougher US gun control legislation is to create as much news, as many deaths and as many criminal firearms traces back to US gun sellers as possible.

Step one, the ATF made thousands of weapons available from gun stores across the nation to straw purchasers who then sent them where criminal activity was most rampant, in Mexico and Honduras.

Step two three of these weapons were deliberately left at scenes where US agents had been killed.

And finally, serial number traces revealed the origin of these firearms, along with hundreds of others, to have been United States gun stores.

Either that was all a remarkable coincidence benefiting a Regime intent upon undermining the 2nd Amendment rights of the American people, or Fast and Furious/Gunwalker is an even more perverse and despicable betrayal of the public trust than anyone has imagined. Given the histories of those involved, the choice is clear.

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12 thoughts on “Melson Testimony Proves Gunwalker a Most Despicable Obama Regime Plot”

  1. I know this is off the topic so please forgive me.
    This is just another example of how evil those in
    power are.

    You can be put in jail for growing a garden.
    This is because the government wants you to
    buy from companies that sell genetically modified
    foods that cause cancer and early death. Raymond

    By Lee Duigon
    July 17, 2011

    A homeowner in Oak Park, Michigan, could go to jail for 93 days because she planted a vegetable garden on her property. (See the picture of her home here) She has been given a ticket, formally charged with a misdemeanor, and—if this farce is permitted to continue—faces a trial by jury and a possible three months in the hoosegow.

  2. why in the hell hasn't Holder been indicted and an independent investigator assigned to take him to court and get the rest of the story. I dont' really (for all those that say this is racist ) give a damn what the color of his skin is if he is complicit in a murder. If he knew anything at all about this and did nothing to stop it and file charges as it was going on,then he should be charged and dealt with accordingly.

    1. You are absolutely "spot-on" in your assessment ! Remember the Iran Contra public hearings? The Ds had Sam Ervin all over the Reagan admin and the NSA in a military minute!
      What is preventing Republcrats from hauling this megolomaniac Holder into formal proceedings against his, and this administrations, flagrant abuse of power?
      Issa's and Grassley's committee is a great start, but it seems to me that there are enough facts here to warrant a full scale investigation by and independent Counsel to be appointed by Congress, not the administration.
      I realize that the few good -guys left in Congress have more important matters on their plates to handle; but an all-out investigation would provide several things. Public clarification of the roles of DEA and the FBI in this mess; putting pressure on Holder to resign ; as well as using a wonderful opportunity to make a public mockery of the scheming, ineptitude, gross abuses, and usurpations of power committed by this administration.
      Government "whistle-blowers" should be granted at the very least, limited immunity ; and, in most instances, guarantees that their jobs would not be in peril due to their testimony. I would also be certain to prolong this public thrashing and shaming long past the November 2012 Presidential election.

  3. The case for Impeachment and Resignation of the Obama Administration and the EXPULSION of the United Nations from the Territories of the united States of America !!!!!

    " The links found in the Fact Check site suggest that the United Nations and the Obama Administration both with their reversing dialogs on how USA gun rights were to be perceived with the frame work of the New 2012 ATT Global ARMS Treaty set to be enacted in 2012 . As you read these articles you will see the frustration that Both United nations Officials and Obama Administration Officials were having as they tried to come to some form of Global Gun Rights Laws from an International Position of authority . This is the bases of Operation fast and Furious and why we can make the case for intent to Use this operation as a way to circumvent USA Constitutional rule of law and States Rights over 2nd Amendment Gun rights , that led to a massive crime of epic propositions and opens the door for a Impeachment of the President , and a resignation of all Obama administration Officials including the Vice President , and the Abolishment of the agreements between the United States of America and the United nations , and the establishment of a timeline of removal of the head quarters of the United Nations out of the USA and from within the perimeters of the territories of the USA !!! "

    Here at this site , Called " The Establishment of a Global Common Purpose " this defines the step to be taken to establish the Global frame work to Bring about the One World order , and this failed attempt by the Obama Administration and what appears to be a alliance with the United nations to bring about the elusion of circumvention in USA Gun laws and Rights is evident in this site ;
    And its all about this UNITED NATIONS Agenda 21 Program ;
    And the bottom Line of the Globalists is this ;

  4. So will Obama and the United Nations claim that the failed Fast and Furious Operation was all and attempt to save the world from humanity as the Agenda 21 policy is really about ? Will the needless death and destruction on the US Mexico Border be called a necessary act for a greater Good by these Ideologues that want to bring about a Global Regime that controls the Worlds societies as they see FIT ??? is that what this is all about ?? And we have not even opened up debate on the Mess going on in the Middle east yet called Operation Arab Spring , Common what in Gods name is going on here ??? Enough is Enough, its time for the established Rule of Law to come back into Operation !!!!!!!!!!!

    DANGER ALERT: Gun-Control by Executive Order , opens door to UN ATT 2012 global ARMS treaty , and Fast and Furious was part of this effort to create the elusion that the USA was out of Control with Gun rights !!!!!
    Hilary's Signing of agreement in Preemptive Alignment of the UN USA agreement with the UN Small Arms Treaty ahead of Obama's executive Order which opens the door for the United Nations 2012 ATT agreement to circumvent USA state rights over gun rights and regulations to force the US states to Open their books on who bought guns .

    Obama's Recent Executive order Circumvents even a UNITED NATION agreement to acknowledge USA states rights to regulate Arms trade , Hello did anyone catch this Violation by Obama ????

    The evidence here ;… , that Amnesty International pressuring the UN and USA into the Global Arms trade treaty set to be Implemented at the UN 2012 meeting makes the case for the Anxiety to produce results to this Organization for the support of implementations of globalized efforts is why they are walking all over themselves as the efforts of ATF operation Fast and Furious attempt to Elude to a need for USA Gun Controls to be included with trying to establish the pathways to Globalization and implementation of the UN Agenda 21 policy of sustainable development and this effort by both entities has created frustration within the various agencies and Administrations of the United nations and Obama Administrations and has led to the Death and Destruction of Innocent Lives , and its evident on this recent Executive order when you consider everything in this Factcheck Link ,… , and it goes to show the Gambit they created with their frustration with Creating the Opening for the UNITED nations to Get through their Gun Control Treaty with the establishment of a La Paz NAFTA Buffer Zone,… , between the USA and Mexico to Start the Installation of the Agenda 21 mandate in North America as this opens the door to a International Zone of Cooperation which allows the process of Gun laws to be implemented into the areas under the map that are considered Cooperation ZONES as set forth by this EPA policy to be implemented by 2012, see here ,… , on how Environmental conditions are to be managed for the benefit of human interest as these idealist see fit , and this coincides with the executive order done on Rural Councils recently thats an alignment of this Wildlands project and Agenda 21 ICLEI efforts underway right now to circumvent US constitutional Private property rights based off the global initiative of sustainable development policies .

  5. See these Links for the proof of this Fact that their was a association between the UN and the Obama Administration to see this through with Hilary Clinton leading the charge , and how this has become the Most Treason Crime against the American people even attempted by a elected Official in USA History , and it has led to Death and Destruction of Innocent Life on both sides of the Border for No Reason other than to create the Elusion that the USA needs Stricter Gun Laws on the Right to Bear ARMS !!!!!!!!!

    Obama Orders Launched Fast and Furious

    Didn't Obama claim he had No idea this was going on ???????

    BUSTED: Obama and Holder can't run from "Fast and Furious"!

    43 Weapons in Phoenix Traffic Stop Linked to ATF's 'Fast and Furious'
    We the People must Hold these people and the agencies and administrations they represent accountable for their actions of crimes against humanity , our duty to up hold the laws on the books is calling for action by We the People !!!!!

    1. Oh Man! You just frayed my last female nerve with those last posts Tony ! I thought I distrusted the Federal government and the Obama administration, but you put a whole new spin on things.
      Thanks for sharing that bombshell!

  6. As a Christian – I know that Satan has his priesthoods and powers here on earth.
    You will recognize them by their fruit – forgive no man, prosecute, make an example, imprison, punish, steal, rob men of their free agency, condemnation to hell, etc.
    Christ called them Vipers, Dogs and Swine – they cannot inherit any kingdom of heaven, and must inherit outer darkness.
    The laws of men – and their implementer's / believers – worship the master of lies as their god.
    The thief who hung on the cross next to Christ – was in paradise with him that day. the implementor's / executioners 'knew not what they do'.
    How many times did Christ warn them – warn us – ?
    Fall on your knees – ask God the Eternal Father himself – if these things are not true… Trust no man.

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