Michael Steele you’re an affirmative Action choice who can’t cut it. Stop embarrassing us and resign

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Michael Steele it’s time for you to go. You’re an affirmative action failure who never should have been elected to run the RNC and you scare me. There is no evidence to suggest you have any grasp of your mission as RNC Chairman. With the life of our nation at stake, America has no time for you to learn. Nothing about you gives me hope or confidence we can turn our Party around.

I wanted to reserve my decision and give you the benefit of any doubt, yet frankly Mr. Steele your election as the first Black RNC Chair smelled fishy from the beginning.

After Obama’s election it seemed a bit too politically correct and looked like panicky affirmative action designed to attract people who will NEVER vote Republican anyway.

My suspicions about you proved well founded.

You just don’t get it.

Your remarks about Rush Limbaugh being an entertainer who is “incendiary” and at times “ugly” prove you don’t understand grassroots conservatism. I can’t overlook this shortcoming.

You are the de jure head of the Republican Party, but because of the vacuum your lack of leadership has produced, Rush Limbaugh IS the de facto leader of the Party.

I’m sick of a leaderless rudderless RNC giving us Bob Michel type leadership. I want a Chairman who will stand up and fight for conservatism and be able to distinguish friends from enemies.

Because of you I will revert to “Whitemailing” the RNC. I’ll send your envelops back with a note giving you a piece of my mind, but nothing else. I won’t contribute another penny to the RNC until you are gone Mr. Steele.

I speak only for myself, but I hope others will join me in this insistence that you leave office before we make any further contributions.

And one more thing Mr. Steele please can this “hip hop” crap. The “hip hop” culture will never vote for us and appealing to it only shows how little you understand about how to bring our Party back. It’s a waste of our time and scarce money and those people are laughing at you behind your back. It’s another embarrassment you have brought to us.

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