Michelle’s Obscene Spending of Our Money

by George Spelvin,  staff writer

 Michelle Flotus Obama’s obscene White House vacations cost us tax payers a low end estimate of12 million dollars because her 16 documented trips as shown on the latest YouTube video do not include all of our first queen’s trips, only those she took with the girls!  Her over the top spending is coming to light thanks to a GLOBE CELEBRITY MAGAZINE special investigation plus a web video detailing wanton waste of our taxpayer dollars as our economy sinks, and we struggle just to pay monthly bills!

GLOBE is  reporting President Obama “blew up at Michelle” in a fierce WH fight over her outrageous spending, especially for  her many vacations funded mainly by American taxpayers.  Taking a trip to Spain in 2010 with her daughter Sasha and friends and staff, Michelle stayed at a very high end hotel where the “royal villa costs $6,500 a night” according to GLOBE!  YouTube reports our first lady flew out on Air Force Two at a cost of $149,000, and a Secret Service tab of $98,000.  The entire trip came in at  $497,000 with an unreported extra cost for her staff.  Just four months later, her trip to Hawaii cost an extra $64,000 because she wanted to take an early flight.  This cost $251,000 in police overtime/ $16,000 rentals for Secret Service and Navy Seals; and $134,000 for her staff to stay at the Moana Hotel in Hawaii!  She rented a winter White House for another $38,000.  Remember flying out dog Bo on a plane other than the president took to Martha’s Vinyard?  And what happened to all of the videos and cost tabulations when her older daughter flew down to Mexico with several young friends, all under the protection again of our Secret Service? Why was that trip data squashed?

This latest video burning up the web contains documentation on only 16 trips she took, including a four day hop to Chicago in 2010 after the famous couple’s date night in New York City in March of 2010.  Other relaxing jaunts involve trips to Maine and Martha’s Vinyard where she rented digs on our dime such as a $50,000 rental home weekly fee.  Michelle’s trip to South Africa in June, 2011, cost over $500,000 million, and just two months later, she vacationed again out at Martha’s Vinyard.  Other trips were to Panama City, Florida, the Grand Canyon, Vail and Aspen for a turn on the slopes, plus a pop over to Oregon to visit family. One Christmas in Hawaii cost a whopping $1.5 million!!

Those $500 plus sneakers Michelle was shown wearing at a DC area food bank had to be another rude example of throwing it all up in our faces.  And GLOBE even reports an expenditure of $5,000 for fancy lingerie.  Was this paid for out of her personal accounts or what?  Who would have the insensitivity to show up at an event purportedly to help the poor wearing such expensive footwear?  Another YouTube video has been redone in three speeds to allegedly show her whispering in her husband’s ear:  “All This For a Damn Flag!”

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SOURCES:  GLOBE, November 5, 2012



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