Military pay during a possible shutdown


By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Should the Federal Government shutdown this weekend most people wouldn’t feel the impact, in fact, they wouldn’t notice anything different. The people who would be impacted would be the men and women of the U.S. Military and their families.  Without a resolution these brave men and women would not be paid until the situation is resolved. They will be given back pay for the time they serve at a later date. That fact doesn’t put groceries on the table or pay the bills.

How did we get into his situation?

The Democrats had control of Congress and the White House for the last two years, but during last year they neglected to perform their Constitutional duty to prepare and submit a budget. It was an election year and they didn’t want the public to know they were planning to raise our taxes in their ongoing assault no our freedoms. They should be ashamed of themselves. Military Wives and children who support the warriors should never go without for such follies but will carry on the home mission for promised deferred pay.

If this shutdown should occur the men and women of our military will selflessly remain on duty here and abroad without a gripe. Let’s see a bureaucrat walk patrol in Fallujah.  


As reported in the Air Force Times. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, and several other Congressmen are pushing through the “Ensuring Pay for Our Military Act” His “goal is to reassure service members and their families that no matter what happens with the federal budget, they will get paid.” The Congressman bluntly stated “The last thing they should be thinking about is whether they are going to be paid.”

The Vets

Veteran services offered from the Department of Veterans Affairs will not be impacted by the shutdown due to multiyear appropriations.

The next time you see a Democrat mugging before news cameras blaming the TEA Party just remember one thing, the party of the left was asleep on post when it was their job to create the 2011 budget.  Now the adults have to clean up the mess left behind the adolescence and the troops may have to go without for such follies. When a troop goes AWOL the members of his/her unit have to work harder in order to compensate for the reprobate, it appear that they may have to compensate for the actions by a collection of reprobates in Congress.

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