Minnesota’s leftists want to tax non-residents and raise spirits tax by 300% because they can


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

When they get complete control of your life, liberals don’t just sit and smile, they use that power and control to remind you who is in charge. They hunger and thirst for power and control and are restrained only by their imaginations as they plot to run our lives.

Minnesota’s Democrats are good examples of what life is like when liberals are given total control of a government.

Earlier this year, while lamenting how many of his subjects escape to Florida and other warmer places each winter to avoid the cold, Democrat Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton had an idea to recover the tax money they take with them each December.

Dayton proposed a “snowbird tax” and did so proudly. To this liberal tyrant it makes no difference that the subjects he is aiming his greed at leave his fiefdom and legally change their official residence to Florida, Dayton wants pro-rated taxes extracted from Minnesota’s snowbirds for the five months they live in Minnesota. When this measure passes, Dayton’s subjects will have to leave his realm to escape his clutches which of course means nothing to greedy liberals.

In Minnesota the word Democrat doesn’t fit those who rule their subjects. It doesn’t go far enough. They call themselves Democrat Farm Labor (DFL) which could be understood as Democrats Far to the Left.   

Not to be outdone, Minnesota’s DFL controlled House of Representatives has decided its subjects should have to pay 300% more tax on alcoholic drinks purchased in Minnesota.      

Like all liberals, the DFL gang is logic and dynamic scoring challenged. They understand nothing about human behavior and don’t care about human behavior since THEY will tell us how to behave. They believe, as all liberals believe, that since they are now getting $5.03 per gallon for spirits, raising such taxes to $17.82 a gallon will solve their ever present revenue shortfall problems. They foolishly believe people will continue to buy their spirits at the same rate and happily pay the increased taxes to “Mother State” because it is “for their own good.”

 That people will go out of state to buy their alcohol and/or make their own spirits never occurs to people drunk with power. The Democrats Far to the Left tyrants in Minnesota are no different.





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5 thoughts on “Minnesota’s leftists want to tax non-residents and raise spirits tax by 300% because they can”

  1. This is a simple issue. If you are a snowbird from Minnesota, just leave and don’t come back. The weather in Minnesota is enough to make a polar bear cringe anyway. Why in the world would anyone who leaves there, even on vacation, ever bother to come back? Yeah, I know, there’s family there and all that. They should leave too.

    And before anyone tells me that I shouldn’t give advice that I won’t take myself, let me say that I was born in Chicago and I left when I found out where I was, never to return.

    The liberal politician’s credo is “If it moves, tax it!”

    1. Incredible as it may seem to “normal” people, many Minnesotans believe winter to be absolutely glorious! They celebrate the snow and cold temps. The Ice Festival has been a big event in St. Paul for decades (at least as of my time there in the 80s.)These are people who find summer almost depressing and winter just like heaven!

  2. Hi Coach! Yeah, they think it’s glorious in the winter huih? I remember the winters in Chicago with temperatures near zero and the wind blowing in off of Lake Michigan. Then tere were the 6′ snowdrifts and the frozen cars with cracked blocks. Nice! LOL. No thanks. Hahahahaha.

  3. You must not understand how little the 300% increase is…you try to make it sound like a lot by saying “per gallon.” Do you buy booze by the gallon? No wonder you’re pissed.

    1. Brent,
      Assuming you’re not joking when you say how “little” a 300% increase is, I can only imagine that you are an example of the finished product of a “liberal” education. That is, you are not offended in any way by the left gleefully raising taxes in order to support its habits of purchasing votes and and abusing power.
      When your health insurance premium increases by 300%–and many believe that figure to be far too optimistic –perhaps you will be consoled by thinking how little that 300% increase really is.

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