Mister Cruz goes to Washington; we can write the ending of this one too


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

We’ve seen Ted Cruz’s story before. In 1939 Jimmy Stewart and Frank Capra teamed up to produce the classic,  “Mister Smith goes to Washington.”  What started out as a nice little “what if” movie about one man’s influence in Washington and ended up being an enduring reminder of the power of truth to destroy lies.

The parallels between Stewart’s Senator Jefferson Smith and Texas Senator Ted Cruz aren’t exact, but strong enough to make the point Capra was trying to make. Both are young, intelligent, fearless and idealistic.

When Smith tries to pass a simple, wholesome sounding bill he is savaged.

The crooked and hateful members of his own Party call him naïve and dangerous. Like Smith, Cruz is the target of relentless attacks by the corrupt media in Washington and around the country. Smith was called a “bumpkin” but Cruz receives much harsher treatment.  

Smith’s Quixotic cause involves trying to get the federal government to use privately donated funds to purchase land to build a kind of Boy Scouts camp. It is the kind of All American idea everyone not a crooked media or political type would embrace. Yet therein lays the rub. The plan that everyone in America loves cannot be allowed to go forward because a small group of corrupt senators would lose millions in graft money if it passes.   

Cruz, like Smith has taken up the impossible task of making the corrupt Senate vote against its own interest.

In the end the indefatigable Smith talks and talks and talks on the Senate floor but passage of his bill seems to be slipping away. The corrupt members of Smith’s own party bring in fake “letters” from his home state “demanding” he be removed from office.

The corrupt media ignore his marathon speech and the forces of darkness have just about declared victory when the tide of public opinion turns in Smith’s favor.       

In the movie Democrat Capra can’t bring himself to have Smith lose nor his fellow Democrats look like the corrupt skunks they were (in 1939 the Senate was 3 to 1 Democrat), so he has the head skunk repent and publicly admit he is a crook: Smith and America win.

Mister Cruz has his dontfundobamacare.com to help him. Harry Reid isn’t going to confess he is a crook, but if we get involved we can help Ted Cruz be today’s Jefferson Smith. We can help America win.   


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