“Mister President where are the jobs?” and other screeches from Nancy Pelosi

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

“Mister President where are the jobs?” Remember when Nancy Pelosi incessantly  screeched that phrase over and over during the George W. Bush administration? We haven’t heard her whining like this or using the companion phrase “hamburger flipper jobs” very much lately have we?  If Pelosi said these things today she would look even dumber than she did the first time because Democrat Barack Obama’s job production numbers are embarrassingly poor compared to those of the leading Republican president of our time Ronald Reagan.

Each month brings us terribly weak job production from Obama. During his first term in office Obama produced an average of 97,020 a month for a total of 4,657,000, nowhere near the minimal, “break even” plateau of 150,000 jobs a month needed just to keep from falling further behind. 

By contrast Ronald Reagan, the Republican president Democrats love to hate, produced jobs during his first term at a dizzying pace. His policies put a total of 11.2 million Americans back to work after the disastrous single term of Democrat Jimmy Carter. Those 11.2 million jobs meant an average of 233,333 of Americans found work each month with an eye popping 1,114,000 in September 1983.    

While Obama’s numbers are alarming and depressing, the value of the jobs Americans are working at is almost as disheartening. Using simple conversion charts available to anyone we see that 40% of American workers earn an adjusted yearly salary that is below the federal minimum wage level of 1968!

The minimum wage in 1968 was $1.60 an hour. That figure processed through an inflation calculator equals $ 10.74 per hour. Working a full time job for fifty weeks a year (two weeks off for vacation) becomes a yearly salary of $21,480 a year.

The Social Security Administration reports that 40.28% of American workers earn less than $20,000 a year or $1,480 less than an inflation adjusted minimum wage salary in 1968.    

More than this, 76.7% of all of the jobs Obama has delivered are part time jobs that are generally dead ends and dream killers.

No matter how we look at these numbers they are a strong indictment of Barack Obama’s destructive policies.  




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8 thoughts on ““Mister President where are the jobs?” and other screeches from Nancy Pelosi”

  1. @Coach–

    All correct, of course, but you should realize that none of this matters. Obama is likely the most incompetent president in our nation’s history, but this performance finding is trumped by his elite educational background and–of course–fears of being called racist.

    It was bad enough when White liberals were merely pinko atheists. Now, we must add Oedipal perverts to the list, and given their influence, this is quite difficult to overcome. Also, the reversal of cause and effect is a heavy factor, whereby *because* someone is a Congress member or president, or whatever, they are a priori worth of respect.

    Interestingly, in the 1960s, the John Birch Society predicted all this, but they were “extremists,” don’t you know.

  2. Michael says that Obama has an elite educational background. Where are his transcripts? Who were his classmates. Did he ever write a law review article. Did anyone even take one of his classes.

    I agree that Obama is incompetent. Perhaps this is because he has only a high school education. There are no records.

  3. CA will continue to fiscally implode. Nancy Pelosi and her Liberal sidekicks have created the perfect storm.
    I want to backtrack:
    Nancy P. and her Lib. sidekicks came after AZ, boycotting all Buss during the witch hunt and contrived misrepresentation for fact, over little law, SN-1070. The targeting of one State by another did for a short period of time, fiscal damage to our tourist economy losing millions in revenue from cancel contracts.
    During the trial period for the law , the hate mongering that CA continues to rally against AZ, resulted in death treats to our leadership, to our law enforcement agencies , and bomb threats , (re. “Scorpions for Breakfast”, authored by Gov. Janet Brewer) .
    During the trial period for the law, protestors were bussed-in form CA, backed by unions, to stir up hate.They decimated our American flag, and the militant group , La Raza stomp around in their uniforms and boots throwing out gang tag signs for the cameras. When they were arrested for blocking the entrance to our jail in downtown PHX, no one was there to bail them out as our overnight guest, and fine $ .
    That really p-them -off while they whine to the local camera crews when before being escorted out of town ; they all sounded just like Nancy Pelosi.
    The backlash can’t be measured for the reality of what is now happening to CA.

    CA. Businesses are bailing out faster than the illegals who are entering the Border States, to get here.
    41% of the population in CA are reported living there illegally ( but we know it’s much higher) and being supported by the endless Acorn style programs handed over to Sanctuary , CA. But even clueless Nancy and her sidekicks, all in panic mode, realize what trillion in national debt mean.. who’s going to support the clan bears?
    The population shift and the Buss shift is running from CA, to TX, and AZ.
    9 out 10 of my neighbors are transplants from CA. who fled realizing the reality. On the Buss side; AZ and in TX are excellent States to operate a Buss. AZ ‘s housing market is ~22% higher in growth, over the rest of the USA for resale’s and building permits for new home starts are up over the natural averages. Job hiring ( for high tech and Prof. jobs ) are steady and a huge focus here, are job fairs for the returning Veterans for re-employment.
    The greed in Liberal CA leadership continue to drive-out the solid middle classes that help to build CA.
    No hard feeling from here CA: We welcome you and so does Texas.

  4. ” Obama is incompetent” and of diminished moral character who’s been scamming us from day one .
    The expectations are below average on all levels.

    No one from the Democratic cracked , fractured Party will admit it yet, but one by one, Democratic lead States are going broke, The problem is much greater than reported. …accept our cunning Kenyan born leadership still have the press in his hip pocket and your stats as reported above will never be admitted to by the 51% that re-elected him.

    The press sold Barrack as some kind of legal genius , but the reality is, his law license was revoked along with his wife’s, law license also revoked. But Oh gee , who reported this in detailed. Perhaps it’s because, “America is mean spirited” or we’re told, we’re all racist.
    Michael, I’ve hear you correctly repeat the racial spit as the constant from this leadership.
    From here , I feel it has trashed Black America regardless which class we now all live, and as a white person, it also repulses me.

    I believe that a CEO like Herman Kane, wouldn’t be seen having lunch with a person such as POTUS.
    I admire the Black leadership that have stepped -up exposing the murder rate of Blacks being murdered by other Blacks, across the USA
    as the racial divide widen during the Zimmerman trial.
    What’s happening in Chicago, just one example of this issue , is a nightmare and the American tragedy we all own .

    The Dems have spent millions in hush money for the, “WTF happen” cover-up story’s that will break like a dam when the Kenyan King is dethroned. Some Dems have had the evolution to leave the Dem. party clearly worried about their political careers. Others have refuse to support his failed policies.
    We both know it won’t go away any time soon. I so feel a certain shift in thinking lately or perhaps it’s wishful thinking .
    \Meanwhile my youngest son hasn’t has a steady job in two years.

  5. Carol AZ said:

    “What’s happening in Chicago, just one example of this issue , is a nightmare and the American tragedy we all own”
    Don’t blame Chicago on me. I left when I found out where I was. The dirty secret is that Chicago was always a violent town. The killings there, while large in number, are no greater percentage wise that what was gong on there 90 years ago. In 1919 there was an enormous race riot there that lasted a week. Dozens were killed and hundreds were injured. There’s nothing new in Chicago.

    Possibly the reason for this is that Chicago has always been a center for fraud, graft and political action. Obama got elected with help from the Chicago politicians. Now, with all hope lost for jobs and prosperity under the do-nothing administration, the problem is boiling over.

    Nothing new to report about the Windy City.


  6. RSVP GNM : and thanks for the reference.

    I also have a couple websites FYI if you decide to log-on . You can register at the end of each site and get the updates.

    It’s the news here that’s shut-down by the mainstream American press.
    It’s the on-going Drug War that has been raging in our backdoor and also the primary reason for the turf war going on in Chicago.
    It’s now reported here that over 2000 American cities, are set-up and operational by the various MX Cartels.

    This last video was updated and after the main video, three “shorts” called ( webisodes) are located on the top right of main feature film. The one on terrorism is very accurate. If you have any problems just message back to me on this site and I’ll get back to you.
    Stay safe. Carol, AZ

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