Money equals speech so Obama’s money woes speak volumes

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

We haven’t heard the boast that “Obama will have 1 $ billion to run on,” for quite a while, but those who are hoping Barack Obama will be reelected have to be shocked at the relative condition of his fund raising so far. Knowing how to count and read tells anyone Obama could not get to 1 $ billion at the rate he is progressing since last summer. Nevertheless, this fact is scarcely touched upon in the mainstream media as if not speaking about it means his fund raising problems don’t exist.

Last week Obama raised eyebrows instead of money when it was announced he was asking people who are getting married or celebrating other events where monetary gifts are customary to redirect the money to his campaign. Given this fact, how long will it be before legions of Obama’s sycophants stand on street corners shaking tin cans with “Forward” on them?  

By any measure Obama won’t even get to the $ 750 million he had to crush John McCain after tricking (a common Muslim fighting tactic) the hapless Senator from Arizona by reversing his promise to take only public funding – surprise surprise he lied!     

So far Obama has attended over 140 fund raisers breaking all records for these events by a sitting President. He has abandoned any pretense that he is interested in governing. He spends his time going from one event to the other only stopping to play golf at a record rate as well. Nevertheless, he is NOT getting the money from these events one would imagine he would pull in. His campaign is begging small donors for as little as $3.00 and his big donors are backing away. George Soros does not have the money Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers have.  The likely addition of Donald Trump’s contributions will further smother the few financial resources Obama will have.  

The message here is clear: money has always equaled speech and those that are speaking are saying they don’t want four more years of Barack Obama. 

Money talks and other things walk.

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3 thoughts on “Money equals speech so Obama’s money woes speak volumes”

  1. The "donate gifts" program is a ruse to launder foreign money in amounts larger than $200 through the collection system. I find it amusing, but a sad statement that Obama spends more time fund-raising with poorer financial results than past presidents. He is a fine example of wasted opportunity, because if he had governed as he campaigned as a uniter and honest, transparent administrator, he would have actually come closer to his own GODLIKE self image.

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