Money: Finally something that can make Notre Dame’s president act like a Catholic priest

By Kevin “Coach” Collins
 In 2009 Father John Jenkins the president of Notre Dame decided to invite Barack Obama a man with abortion support blood dripping from his hands to speak at the school’s annual commencement ceremony.

At the time genuine Catholics around the country including Catholic bishops pleaded with the “stiff necked” Jenkins not to honor a man who is the very embodiment of opposition to Catholic teaching on the sanctity of life.Jenkins was not only unmoved but elected to award Obama an honorary J.D. which was hardly necessary. 

Moreover when 88 Catholic protestors including at least two priests knelt on the grounds of the university which is dedicated to the Blessed Mother (Notre Dame literally means Our Lady) Jenkins ordered they be arrested for trespassing. For two years Jenkins refused to drop the charges until he was smacked in the head by the fury of his alumni’s decline in giving.One need not be a Catholic to understand the anger and embarrassment Catholics felt at this outrage; but alas for most of us there was little choice but to accept it (I personally mailed my treasured ND cap back to Jenkins telling him it should be worth about thirty pieces of silver on Ebay).

Now Jenkins is crying about his good buddy Barack tricking him. The cache Jenkins bought Obama with his sell out of Catholic teachings was used by the media to insist that it meant Catholics would not protest the abortion services Obamacare mandates in ALL private healthcare insurance packages, even those offered by Catholic institutions.

Why has this worm turned?

The sad short answer is money.
Whether Notre Dame will admit it or not, having Obama speak and arresting the “Rosary” protestors has cost the school dearly. While ND claims to be in the top three schools in alumni donations, the truth is giving has dropped markedly. From a high of 46.2%, an alumni giving has fallen to only 37% participation.

In spite of a special campaign entitled “Spirit of Notre Dame” the number of givers continues to drop. The overall yearly take has stayed the same so fewer people are giving more to close the gap, but the number of givers is down sharply which spells long term problems for the once Catholic Catholic school on the St. Joseph’s river.

Curse of the Obambino
I hereby announce the “Curse of the Obambino” and predict Notre Dame will not win a national championship in anything for as long as the Red Sox Curse of the Bambino – 84 years!

So now Jenkins cries about the Obamacare’s vicious hidden secrets? Sorry Father you made you bed so you and Barry can sleep in it. Shame on you, and shame on the other “progressive” Catholics who were embarrassed by Notre Dame’s “Rosary” protestors and cheered Obama’s appearance on the campus of the University of Our Lady. Thirty piece of silver doesn’t go very far does it Father?

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  1. May as well face facts. Notre Dame is no more "Catholic" than the Mosque they built in Istanbul on the ruins of the cathedral there. I can not understand why any Christian would donate to a glorified abortion mill like Notre Dame.

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