Month’s late Social Security/Medicare Trustees report means Obama is hiding very bad insolvency news

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The liars in Washington are scrambling to figure out how to spin perhaps the worst news yet for millions of Americans: These socialist thugs have actually finally killed Social Security and Medicare.

Each year sometime in March or April the Social Security and Medicare Trustees are supposed to release a report on the fiscal health of Social Security and Medicare.
The reports are now five months late and not “currently scheduled” to be released until August when they will be six months late, if they are leased even then.
Based on the criminal MO of the gangsters running our government, this delay can only mean there is plenty of bad news being hidden from us.

Why would we conclude otherwise? The Managing Trustee of the Social Security/Medicare systems is Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy F. Geithner, an admitted tax cheat and an employer of non social security paying household staff.

The other members of this cabal are Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis whose husband is a tax cheat, Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, who is a tax cheat, and Michael J. Astrue, Commissioner of Social Security a George Bush appointee.

The reports which come from the Office of the Actuary of the Social Security Administration, are supposed to be used to plan the funding needs of Social Security and Medicare for the next seventy five years. You kind of get the feeling these crooks know Obamanomics have ruined these already shaky programs and there is no way they will last seventy five weeks, let alone seventy five years.

CBO report says it all

In its Long Term Budget Outlook, released earlier this month, the Congressional Budget Office reported that Social Security funds allocated to cover this calendar’s year’s payments are now exhausted. Although this startling event was not supposed to happen for another five year until 2015, neither that fact nor the news that total depletion of the trust fund will occur by 2037 have been given much attention by the Obama cheerleaders in the media.

Obama’s economic policies have eaten their way through the surpluses in Social Security built into the trust fund beginning with the Reagan Administration and now here we are unable to meet these responsibilities.

That Obama has damaged our Social Security/Medicare systems is no longer at issue. The only question is how deep the harm goes. This has to be the bad news this bunch of tax cheating gangsters is hiding.

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