MORE felons in the White House? IRS says tax cheating Obama staffers owe $833,970 in back taxes

 By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

 If you have ever been hauled into an Internal Revenue Service office for an audit, think about that feeling as you read this.

 According to a new IRS report, Barack Obama is harboring at least three dozen tax cheats right on his own staff! Together this bunch has made a joke of Obama’s shopworn line about the “rich paying their fair share of taxes.” They owe a collective $833,970 in back taxes – and we thought liberals were patriotic! These aren’t “little people,” they must be well paid (with our money) and well educated to be where they are.

 More than one in three of Obama’s royal staff makes over $100,000 a year and his entire staff of 457 people makes over 37 million dollars each year.  Twenty one make almost as much as a Congressman! And the tax cheats aren’t just in the White House. An IRS report says the aggregate amount owed to the IRS by all federal employees is a stunning $3.4 BILLION which is an increase of 3% just since last year.               

 Some of these people actually work in the offices that write the tax laws they themselves are disregarding! That bunch owes over $2 million and 4,697 Homeland Security employees collectively owe around $37 million. What’s worse is that 1,181 TREASURY DEPARTMENT workers – the people in the IRS – owe $9.3 million!    

 Clearly Attorney General Eric Holder doesn’t care about the tax cheats who work for him. The IRS report says 2,069 employees of his Department of Justice owe more than $17 million. That’s our money!

 Federal law says those who are guilty of income tax evasion – what we put Al Capone away for – are felons who could serve up to five years in prison.

So Barack Obama, the guy with the “most transparent” administration in history, has thousands of employees that are tax cheats.

Right now according to federal law, the only federal workers who can be fired for tax delinquency are Internal Revenue Service employees.  I’m sure few us find that comforting.

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3 thoughts on “MORE felons in the White House? IRS says tax cheating Obama staffers owe $833,970 in back taxes”

  1. Almost forgot: It’s good that you used a question mark in your headline because not all (not even most) tax delinquencies constitute felony tax evasion.

    Two of the most common causes of tax delinquencies involve incorrect interpretation of tax law (ie, the accountant screwed up) or taxpayer inability to pay the full amount of the taxes owed. These problems are usually resolved administratively, ie, without court involvement.

    Felony tax evasion is usually flagrant and obvious. See the accounts of the recent Wesley Snipes case.

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