More on why Republicans should not waste time courting Hispanics or African Americans

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Republican candidates for President, take heed: Do not waste time and energy campaigning to Hispanics or African Americans. Their minds are made up; and their candidate is Barack Hussein Obama: PERIOD.    

New information clearly indicates that neither of these voting blocs is interested in even helping themselves out of the hole they’re in, let alone help America regain our position as the world’s leading economic power. They are so invested in Obama that their own unemployment numbers mean nothing to them – “Blame everything on Bush – Obama’s the man!”

Not long ago African Americans were told their unemployment had gone DOWN by more than 2%! That a claim like that didn’t squared with reality meant nothing to Black Americans. They will vote for Obama because he is Black, just ask Samuel L. Jackson a man who has probably not been out of work except by choice for many years.

Today Black unemployment is at 14.1%.   Since the U-6 number (the sum of all those unemployed and under employed) for all American workers  is 14.9%, or roughly double the 7.3% unemployment rate for White workers, it’s probably fair to say the U-6 for Blacks could be as high as 28%! Nevertheless, “It’s Bush’s fault! Brother Obama’s my man!”      

The Hispanic unemployment rate is not as bad, but still markedly higher than what it is for White workers. 

Even as the Obama Administration is busy making up unemployment numbers trying to fool at least some dummies, Hispanic unemployment has climbed to where it is almost 2 ½ points higher than the national average. Black unemployment is almost 6 points higher than the rest of the country. Nevertheless, as with African Americans, Hispanics are poised to vote the same way – “I’m voting for the brother!”

Yet both of these voting blocs want to come to us with their hands out demanding everything they can think. Most of it – like open amnesty – they could not get from Obama when he had both Houses of Congress, but “Obama’s the man!”

We can’t change that instinct to want to share in the benefits of a country many have had little to do with building.   

 Republicans had better walk away from the table and skip the pandering act this time or risk trouble with our base.

Since neither one of these “vital groups” has even a 50% voting enthusiasm rate, why bother? We will NEVER get either of them to vote Republican – that is the reality of our situation.  

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