Multiculturalism: everybody seems to know it doesn’t work except Obama


Multiculturalism: everybody seems to know it doesn’t work except Obama

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

    The 60’s campus chant of “Hey, Hey, Ho , Ho, Western Civ Has Got to Go, ”  doesn’t sound so funny now as we see the inroads multiculturalism has made on our freedoms, our rule of law, our very way of life.

  In the run up to the Chicago Islam Conference of June 15, 2010, one commenter said, “to re-establish the Khilafah  (Caliphate) we need to build an overwhelmingly strong movement within our countries that will overthrow the corrupt rulers from their thrones and bring into place a Khalifah who will implement the Shariah and stand up for the affairs of the Mulsim Ummah (Many Identified in One, One Identified in Many).  Join us in building this global movement.”

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel told a recent Potsdam conference “the multikulti concept where people of different backgrounds would live together happily doesn’t work in Germany. . .it has failed, utterly failed.”

  Just this week French President Sarkozy said, “My answer is clearly yes, it is a failure….we have been too concerned about the identity of the person who was arriving and not enough about the identity of the country that was receiving him..” 

  David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister, told the Munich Security Conference that “state multiculturalism had failed and pledged to cut funding for Muslim groups that failed to respect basic British values.” 

Former Australian PM John Howard said “The Anglosphere–Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and the United States–needed to take greater pride in its values and achievements.

  So while other countries are waking up to the dangers of allowing foreign cultures to immigrate but refuse to assimilate, many in the U.S. blindly ignore the damage being done to our country.

    Hippie throwbacks still alive and well in our liberal academic university and college campuses along with their compatriots in our lame stream media refuse to recognize, report, or admit to what they are doing to us.

   At my beloved alma mater, the University of Illinois, an uber feminist prexy blew in, devoted herself to getting rid of Chief Illiniwek, and blew out, leaving the only remaining symbol of the extinct Illini Indian tribe gone forever.

 Deconstruction of our Western Civilization’s literary canon is diminishing generations of our young people who aren’t even being taught the real tenets of our country.  Multiculturalism and political correctness are RUINING OUR LAND!

To contact your Congressional Representative use this link:

To learn more about the dangers of multiculturalism use these links:  

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This day in history April 3

1968: Republican Civil Rights leader, Martin Luther King delivers his prophetic “I’ve been to the Mountaintop” speech; he was murdered the next day.

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6 thoughts on “Multiculturalism: everybody seems to know it doesn’t work except Obama”

  1. Your comment sounds very negative, "…..says it won't work except Obama." – Think about it this way, he's trying – give it a chance! He's doing a lot to clean up the mess the repugs left, get your news info from a reliable resource, like maybe, the White House?

  2. Islam is here to stay unless we change our Muslim immigration policy and do not let them into the states. England, Holland, France and Germany are lost to Islam as we knew it. They breed like rats.

    It is easy to have our existing immigration laws changed and here is how:

    Congress has the authority to ban immigration from Muslim countries. Please write your Congressmen and let us get this legislation passed as soon as possible. We do not want to end up with Shariah Law and looking like England and France.

  3. Islam is like no other Religion. All major religions have had a Reformation except Islam. No other religion straps bombs to their body to kill is the name of their God. I would energetically support a ban on Muslim integration until this happens. Sorry you moderate muslims, but your Koran states that you should follow Sharia Law which is totally incompatible with our Western Values. When you start trying to appease everyone you end up with what is happening in England.

    There is only on rule of law in the United States and that is based on our Constitution. If you don't like that, don't come here. PERIOD!

    i would also like to see some of our Federal Judges taken off the bench if they don't follow the Constitution. Got to get rid of the Socialists.

  4. It makes me want to see our government deal with those who would wreck our constitutional form of government in the same way the Barbary Pirates were dealt with–with an all out effort to dominate by whatever means necessary.

  5. It is time the Governments of the United States of America ( and I mean all levels of our Governments) stand up for the American way of life and refuse to allow those that are infiltrating our lands and attempting to change our way of life and our laws. The Muslims are barbarians and we in the United States do not blow up our babies or our neighbors if they do not please us. We debate and change those opposed by voting. The POTUS is the enemy from within and the Polls are the place to get rid of him if not sooner, and I feel that the sooner the better for this country is what is needed

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