Muslims Aren’t Terrorists…Patriots ARE just ask Big Sis Napolitano


 By Doug Book, staff writer

 With the election approaching, Barack Hussein Obama has spared no effort in proclaiming his undying love of country (the United States, we are told) his veneration of the Constitution, his enduring belief in the power of prayer and the firm conviction that Americans have the right to keep and bear arms.

 But we proletarians who manifest such sentiments had best beware the Department of Homeland Security and its commandant, Big Sis Napolitano.

 For a proud assertion of patriotism by Americans who actually MEAN it may well succeed in marking one a Suspected Domestic Terrorist.

 Veteran law enforcement officer James Wesley Rawles has attended training classes throughout his 18 years of service. But he writes that, over the years “…courses have moved away from a local community focus to a federally dominated model of complete social control.” And the majority of these courses are sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security,  that is, the TSA and FEMA.

 According to the Department, potentially dangerous types are members of militias and “extremists”, so defined by their tendencies toward:

        libertarian views

       support for the 2nd amendment

       the stockpiling of food and ammo

       buying gold or silver

       the fear of Big Brother and the overreach of government

       home schooling

       belief in one’s Constitutional rights

       “unacceptable” religious views

 Not only are law enforcement officers told to develop relationships with small business owners in order to determine who might be “stockpiling”, they are trained to manufacture evidence of terrorist intent. When “…lengths of pipe, gunpowder, matches, flammable liquids and fireworks…” are found at a residence, “officers are told…they can be listed as ‘bomb making materials’…”, continues Rawles.

 So reload ammunition, keep gasoline for your lawn mower or smoke cigarettes and your terrorist credentials are certifiable.

 Rawles also writes that one of his federal trainers warned of those who admire the Constitution. “These people actually believe the 2nd amendment gives them the personal right to own a gun”, said this mental dwarf to a generally stunned audience.

 He also recommended officers “…be cautious of anyone who quotes the Constitution and even worse, actually possesses a copy of this radical document.”

 That the United States and liberty of the American people are threatened by the Obama Regime is obvious understatement. As time goes on, a simple response at the ballot box may not be enough.

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