We Must MAKE the Republicans stand and fight against Obama and his diseased illegal invaders


 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 While it is satisfying to watch Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency coming apart, it has made him a dangerous enemy who will strike without warning. He is being exposed as a fraud and the pressure of being found out is driving him to be increasingly reckless and dangerous. He’s quickly morphing into something resembling a wounded animal.

 His latest assault on us, his American enemies, involves erasing our Southern border to allow tens of thousands of unaccompanied illegal alien children and gang members to walk in, sit down and start demanding whatever they think they are entitled to get. 

 We’re hearing rumors Obama is about to use an executive order to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens so they can vote Marxist/Democrat in November. This will preserve Obama’s power and put enough stress on the healthcare system to stampede Americans into his single payer scheme.

 As serious as this attack on our liberties will be, amnesty will also bring death and infirmity to our midst. Illegal aliens bring deadly diseases. In California, a state soaked with illegals, there’s a Whooping cough epidemic.

 The number of cases of this contagious disease, which is deadly to American babies, is moving toward a 60 year high. Is there any doubt this disease has been brought to us by illegal aliens by a president who hates America? New TB epidemic? The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has identified ten countries that are bringing Tuberculosis, a disease we’ve already beaten, back to our shores.

 Obama’s illegal invaders are already coughing their way through our schools hospitals and public transportation centers and more will come. Treating a TB patient costs between $250,000 and $1million, meaning amnesty and dumping millions of illegals on our healthcare system will be devastating.

 The festering diseases filling the slums of the poorest parts of Mexico and Central and South America will hitch a ride to our neighborhoods and given the cowardly Republican reaction thus far, we don’t have any say in the matter. Aside from TB illegal aliens are bring hepatitis dengue fever LEPROSY and the very insidious Chagas which steadily destroys its victim’s heart and internal organs.

Obama’s amnesty will bring death to us from diseases we have already virtually eliminated but will now be forced to use vital resources to combat all over again.

 Demand that your Republican representative stand up and fight.

 Obama and his Marxist Democrats have put us in a very serious situation. They won’t stop hacking away at us unless we make them stop.







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  1. John Boehner and his Minions will do nothing but curl up in a ball and ask Obama to please stop kicking me in the Stomach. What a Pitiful bunch we have.

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