Napolitano’s V.I.P.R. Vows to “Dominate, Intimidate and Control” the American People

By Doug Book, staff writer

   Since its inception in 2002, the Department of Homeland Security has grown increasingly contemptuous of the rights of the American people. Indeed, the Gestapo-like tactics of one of the Department’s better known masters of overreach–the TSA–are responsible for countless examples of the organizations daily assault on the Constitution.

But recently, another of Janet Napolitano’s handmaidens of harassment has begun to make news…albeit only on the web, of course. It is the TSA’s Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response task force–or VIPR. Organized into mobile swat teams, VIPR has executed some 8,000 highly public searches in the past 12 months.

And what meaningful operations they have been.

In a Georgia Amtrac station, VIPR personnel “patted down” all travelers, children and adults, both entering AND LEAVING the station.

In Santa Fe, New Mexico, teams of VIPR agents were assigned to conduct searches at a high school prom.

In Texas, agents thoroughly “…searched all private and commercial vehicles entering and exiting…” the port of Brownsville. EACH AND EVERY VEHICLE was searched even though the task force was not responding to any known or reported threat!

In April, VIPR staged a raid at a Tampa bus station. Once again, the teams were not responding to any particular threat. Rather, Homeland Security official Gary Milano said the purpose of the exercise was to “…invent the wheel in advance, in case we have to, if there is ever specific intelligence requiring us to be here.”

And two months later, VIPR targeted 5,000 square miles bordering West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky. Four hundred agents representing 70 federal agencies appeared in Black Hawk helicopters, small planes and Coast Guard craft. Once again this was a “training exercise.” As usual, no threat had been suspected or reported. TSA official Michael Cleveland stated, “…the purpose of the exercise was to have a visible presence and let people know we’re out here. IT CAN BE A DETERRENT.”

But who is being deterred, intimidated and threatened by these unnecessary shows of force- certainly not terrorists.

“Uncontrolled search and seizure is one of the first and most effective weapons in the arsenal of every arbitrary government…Among deprivations of rights, none is so effective in cowing a population, crushing the spirit of the individual and putting terror in every heart”, said Justice Robert Jackson, the chief US prosecutor at Nuremberg.

 The American people are being systematically subjected to, and desensitized to, warrantless searches and the most egregious and unnecessary forms of personal humiliation by an organization whose raison d’etre is inscribed at the TSA Air Marshall Training Center: DOMINATE, INTIMIDATE, CONTROL. And the more often this is done, the more “reasonable” it will seem. Routine? Acceptable? Like 10% unemployment, government harassment will become the “new norm.” After all, it is for our own good!

One has to wonder if Barack Obama isn’t grateful to Muslim terrorists for the 9/11 attacks. After all, without those 3,000 murders, how could a would-be dictator justify the Constitutional abuse to which he is subjecting millions of American citizens? Makes it easier somehow to understand his bow to the King of Saudi Arabia, doesn’t it!

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38 thoughts on “Napolitano’s V.I.P.R. Vows to “Dominate, Intimidate and Control” the American People”

  1. This action BY Obama and Holder is Effecting the Confidence of the FREE world , the FREE MARKETS , EVERYTHING is EFFECTED BY THESE UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACTS !!!!!!!! When is ENOUGH ENOUGH ??????

    Obama Orders Launched Fast and Furious

    Didn't Obama claim he had No idea this was going on ???????

    Border agents and a lot of civilians Have died in this crime against humanity , What is Going on in American Today ??? How can we the people be seeing this happen , WHO does these kinds of things , all in the name of trying to Elude to an Outcome that would let the Federal Government claim that Guns in America are The problem and that they need to be taken away ?? What in GODS NAMES is going on ????? God Bless all who have suffered by these acts , may they find peace in the Heaven of the Lord AMEN !!!!!!

  2. This action BY Obama and Holder is Effecting the Confidence of the FREE world , the FREE MARKETS , EVERYTHING is EFFECTED BY THESE UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACTS !!!!!!!! When is ENOUGH ENOUGH ??????

    Obama Orders Launched Fast and Furious

    Didn't Obama claim he had No idea this was going on ???????

    Border agents and a lot of civilians Have died in this crime against humanity , What is Going on in American Today ??? How can we the people be seeing this happen , WHO does these kinds of things , all in the name of trying to Elude to an Outcome that would let the Federal Government claim that Guns in America are The problem and that they need to be taken away ?? What in GODS NAMES is going on ????? God Bless all who have suffered by these acts , may they find peace in the Heaven of the Lord AMEN !!!!!!

    1. Tony, honey. your posts are going through! No need to say thrice that which sounded good the first time!
      Appreciate the linkage you've provided.
      Best wishes.

  3. I continue to be majorly alarmed that none of this is being objected to by those who are subjected to this intrusion into their privacy. The media is solely to blame. If more people were aware what was going on, I believe their would be a major outcry from the public. This has got to stop.

  4. I think one would have to be def dumb and blind not to see the insidious effort that is taking place in the country to undermine the U.S.A. at all levels of our society , unless someone steps up to the plate and takes the lead , we are well on our way to being lost . The answer is , and always has been live free or die.

    1. Bill:
      Yes so do you have a suggestion? If not, will you consider this? Our Founders faced equally egregious usurpations of power, and they also faced a military that was the most powerful in the world. Yet despite the odds, how did they prevail?
      They organized Committees of Safety
      They organized Militias
      They acknowledged a firm reliance on Divine Providence
      The mutually pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor

      Why not follow their example?

  5. Remove Obama from office and remove TSA and VIPR thereby. These elements of society represent tyranny.

    1. That is like a bus load of lawyers going over a cliff with two empty seats. It is a good start, but not enough. The entire system is corrupt from top to bottom. Even the once supreme court is getting into the act of destroying the Constitution. They upheld an IN law allowing law encroachment, er enforcement to break into people's homes without a warrant, which is a clear violation of the 4th Amendment.
      So to start, they ALL need to go, including the Federal Reserve which is also unconstitutional as only the Congress has the right to coin money.

      How much will We the People tolerate before we say ENOUGH!
      Are we willing to become slaves in our own country?

      Live Free or Die

  6. This vile admin. is nothing short of a communist plot to bring America to it's knees. Sound conspiratorial? Well, it is! This punk Obama is nothing more than a Soviet agent. The American people have had enough of his BS and he will be found out before 2012. This American govt has been infiltrated to the nth degree. These haters of liberty and freedom have infested our country long enough. No more of their vile BS in our universities, in our MSM, in our children's education, ad nauseum. I've had it with these cowards an liars. I'll be watching GBTV (Glenn Beck TV). He can say what he couldn't say on Fox. Now, he's got his own TV station (albeit on the Web) but that's ok. He's going to be teaching the youth of this country what the hell's been going on now for a very, very long time. The American people are awake more than ever now, and we've had it. There needs to be treason trials, not only for the Obamas, but for all the people that have helped to perpetuate this fraud in the WH. I'm starting to see light at the end of the tunnel, and it doesn't look too good for the Obamas. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you. Bye bye Obama and your henchmen. Were coming for ya. You'll be found out who you really are and I can't wait for the day!!!!

    1. Um… Richard the saying is 'Fool me once shame on YOU. Fool me twice shame on ME.' ;o)

      I'm with you about Obama being a Commie. I've said for 2 years that he was and his 'socialist' form of gov. is only the 1st step to it's ultimate goal…. Communism. And for those of us old enough to remember the old USSR, well we KNOW we don't want to end up there!

  7. They are just waiting to see how far they can go til they need to put the steel boot on America's neck! Lock n' load , this is where the cowards get off and the true patriots get moving

    1. Robert:
      Yes prepare but do not start the violence. If our side does, or if they can make it look like we did (which we all know they are happy to do), we will lose the source of our legitimacy.

      So let them start it as the British did at Lexington. Then we must commit to the fight as George Washington did, no matter the odds and no matter how long it takes.

      Pray for peace, but prepare for war.

  8. Oh freaking great!
    More Jack-booted thugs out to make a mockery of our protections from "unreasonable search and seizure".
    Kiss your sorry ass good-by Obama!
    As for you Ms. Napolitano, You ought to be hung from the highest yardarm for not resigning your position under this despotic administration. Have you no loyalty to, faith in, or desire to protect , the citizens of this country from such treachery? Have you no honor past that which provides you a job?
    I cannot imagine any future administration hiring you. You are damaged goods kiddo. You have lain too long in the bed of thieves. Too late to disassociate yourself from the reign of terror now. You will get whatever harlots have coming to them

  9. Its humerous to hear most of you complain about the same group you will beg to help you when the proverbial "shit" hits the fan.
    Everything done is threat based and intel driven.
    It is obvious that who ever wrote the above article is in the "need to know" and doesn't have a clue.

    1. Doc,
      Like a good little liberal, you are the one who is clueless. Conservatives do not ask the government for help. What we want is for them to leave us the hell alone.

      And where is your evidence to justify your claim it is "obvious"? Of course, I forgot never to ask a liberal for facts. Their brains might explode.

    2. Doc! Stuff a sock in it !
      I don't know what "la-la-land" you've been hiding in; but when the "shit" hits the fan (proverbial or otherwise,), what in the Sam Hill makes you believe these goons will NOT be used against us when the virtual imaging segues into real-life thugs coming to a neighborhood near you?
      You say "everything done is threat based and intel driven" . Do you not believe that our government and assorted administrations, keep very close tabs on the "boiling point" of the "rabble" they oversee? Do you not believe they view us as a potential threat to their continued power?
      Just suppose for a moment that government intrusion became REALLY, REALLY intolerable, much more so than at present; and that the citizenry had finally, at long last, taken all they were willing to stomach in the way of tyranny so they began, at least initially, passive protests en masse. Then suppose these folks were ignored and further disrespected by government. Escalation and repeat. Etc, Etc. Until a war of some sort becomes almost inevitable. Already in place would be a national SWAT-team, in a not-so-virtual mode, to stifle insurrection. Is that what you want from your Federal Government, Doc? I don't!
      How can you say, with a straight face, that those of us who cherish freedom, who mourn the losses of freedoms we have already sustained would EVER consider asking for help from Home Land security or Napolitano's V.I.P.R. "teams" ? It's ludicrous!
      The administration may be pawing this off as a method by which they would deal with "external threats" , and for now they are just playing this all out on the web. But, the threat (of the use of government force ), is embedded and implicit in nearly every Congressional and Presidential act of law.
      I drove through Kent State University with my Mother the night before the killings. I remember remarking to Mom that it was awfully quiet for a college city that night, Next day "shit" did hit the fan! The students were wrong to attack the already exhausted National Guard members with pieces of rebar-reinforced cement which they had to haul from a new construction site on campus and to hide hydrant openers in their dorm rooms. Folks can only stand so much, even some adequately trained, but weary State militia types. The troops were so wrong to fire into a crowd of miscreants and innocent passers-by.
      The point I'm trying to make here is that even with the BEST of intentions things can turn brown and mushy in a heart-beat. Think what would happen if these "war-games" were ever used against American citizens for some trumped-up reason or another.
      I will not allow myself to be unprepared for an intentional or unintentional governmental threat to my safety.
      Please don't delude yourself or attempt to play cute with a clan of CIR freedom-fighters.
      I think I can safely speak for the majority of my associates here when I say that it's folks like you who make make a return to reason, freedom, and sanity in this country that much more difficult.
      I submit that it is you who will be begging folks like us for our help.

  10. Since Hawaii is protecting this Kenyan born foreigner in office I suggest we all boycott going to Hawaii and let them see if Obummer will help them out. If they don't want to be Americans, get them off the United States of America. There are many people there that are lazy and just depend on a government check anyway….we don't need to support them if they hate our system. Everyone agree???

    1. Why don't you go over to and post with all the rest of the Alices and uber-liberals. That's where it is really dark !

  11. When Michelle Obama said for the first time in her life, she was proud of her country, I thought: for the first time in MY life I am afraid FOR my country, and afraid of my Government! Individuals are afraid of the IRS, the TSA, and the Pseudo Muslim, "President" Businesses are afraid of the EPA, Obamacare, the Regulatory Czars, the 30+ un-elected Czars of everything, The Unions, and all the Media and TV networks that Pump up the Dictatorial "President" and his regime! I used to say frequently and proudly "Only in america" Now I'm thinking NEVER in America have so few controlled and intimidated so many, indoctrinated our kids, and are eroding our freedoms on a daily basis! God help us! Where do I join the militia?

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