Neville Chamberlin lives

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

This week an Iranian Lawmaker released details from a letter President Barrack Obama wrote to the country’s supreme leader warning against closing the Strait of Hormuz and calling for direct talks with the Islamic Republic’s tyrant.


According to Iranian Lawmaker Ali Motahari the letter, sent through private channels, threatened the republic if they attempted to cut off oil from the Persian Gulf, days before rejecting the Keystone pipeline from Canada.  The Iranians are seeing the President asking for direct talks as a sign of weakness from the man responsible for the West’s economic troubles. Iran has made it clear; if her oil exports are embargoed she would consider it an act of war. Eighty percent of the terrorist nation’s income is from oil export.

White House denies

Who can we believe? As of this writing the White House is not confirming the existence of the letter to Iran. The Washington Post reported that National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor stated that “the U.S. had a number of ways to communicate its views to the Iranian government.”  He further stated the administration has “remained committed to engaging with Tehran and finding a diplomatic solution to its larger issues with Iran’s nuclear program.”

At least the U.S. military is taking Iran seriously and is preparing for a possible clash with the republic’s shallow water navy which has  no real history of being a naval power.

Nothing new

While running for President Barack Obama made it clear that he planned to talk directly to Iran without any preconditions. He believes that such talks will change the Islamic Republics’ behavior and convince her to give up her nukes.  This is a pretty naive approach to regime waiting on the 12th  Imam to rule the world from Iran. I am beginning to wonder if the One may need a refresher in Islamic studies from the Madrasah he attended in Malaysia.  You can’t talk to people whose end goal is to subjugate you or kill you.

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This day in history January 21

1977: The day after he was sworn in Democrat President Jimmy Carter pardoned Vietnam War draft dodgers.
In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both. 

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3 thoughts on “Neville Chamberlin lives”

  1. "Who can we believe? As of this writing the White House is not confirming the existence of the letter to Iran." Well, we all know by now we can't believe but maybe 1% what comes out of the WH and team Obama. Thanks to the Internet and talk radio and very little of what you see or hear on TV, Obama's toast. Very soon, the MSM is going to be running out of excuses to perpetually keep Obama afloat. His ship is sinking and sinking fast.

    Judge Malihi in Georgia, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse (report due out in Feb.), Fast and Furious scandal, Solyndra scandal, MF Global, I mean I could go on and on and on with all the crimes and scandals regarding this administration. Obama will not be able to withstand this much scrutiny. His house of cards is starting to crumble and I don't just want to see him leave office. Oh no, I want to see this SOB go straight to jail where he (and his wife) belong! Then, law enforcement can begin to really clean house and go after all those SOBs that have been covering for the fraud in the WH for the last 3 years — hmmm, let me see, Pelosi, Reid, judges in Calif., Eric Holder, most of the Democrat Party, the RINOs in the Republican Party. Wow, I guess we've got a lot of house cleaning to do! This is the first time I'm actually looking forward to doing some cleaning!

  2. Jim, Great article…As the British found out, Chamberlin's "Appeasement Politics" would wind up costing them dearly…just as Obama's same "Appeasement Politics" have lulled Americans into a false sense of security regarding the actual intentions of Mid-East terrorists; and may easily (coupled with some of his other sleights of hand), result in dire consequences for Americans..
    Of course the WH will not confirm such communications with Iran; Of course Obama will find a way NOT to appear in Judge Malihi's Georgia Courtroom without the penalty of a "Contempt of Court" citation which would be levied very promptly against most everyone else; Of course Obama will deny with his last living breath (which couldn't come too soon for my liking), that both He and Holder crafted all the "gun-walking" programs found to date; and of course Obama will lie, cheat, steal ,and stonewall his way to the November elections !
    Having worked on many a political campaign, I can predict that Republicans should consider themselves fortunate if they get even one debate from Obama with our "R"-type nominee. His inclination would be to maintain his mantle of Lord Sovereign of the Americas.

  3. Here we have a president who refuses to support oil production and job creation in North America. Gasoline is going up 10 cents a week. No pipeline, the tree huggers don't want it.
    Are they aware that the next country to head up OPEC is Iran? Are they aware that Iran has not onle provoked us, but also killed us and our allies covertly since the Shah was deposed?
    That little p i s ant country has asked for for decades, I just saying'….

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