New poll: Catholics to vote3 to 1 against Obama; explains why Cardinal Dolan not welcome at DNC

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 In the Leftist controlled media stories are shouted if they are helpful to Democrats, whispered if they are bad news for Democrats.  This is an absolute axiom.      

  This is why a new poll a new poll commissioned by the American Life League (ALL) is so important. The poll conducted between August 15 and 19 spoke to 900 self-identified Catholic registered voters.  There are few English language superlatives that can accurately portray the findings of this survey.

 “Earth shaking” “Sea Change” “Devastating” read them and take your pick.

 The story was whispered on a recent NPR segment and here’s why.

 A stunning 27% of Catholics told the interviewers they support Barack Obama.  This is a 27 point fall from 2008.

 Seventy four percent (74%) of Catholic men over 50 refuse to support Obama.

 Moreover an almost identical 25% of Catholic men under 50 support Obama and 31% of Catholic women under 50 support him. Catholic women over fifty support Obama at just a 23% rate.  

 Clearly Barack Obama’s plan to start a fight with Catholics is working but how can any Democrat be happy about the results? The ALL survey found that 73% of its Catholic registered voter respondents see the mandate Obama has placed on Catholic institutions (including Catholic hospitals and indeed the office of Cardinal Dolan)  to commit abortions and distribute contraceptive devices as a violation of their religious freedoms.  

  This explains why Cardinal Dolan the leader of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops was told he is not welcome to attend the Democrats’ convention in Charlotte North Carolina next month.

 This survey was conducted by cc Advertising of Centreville Virginia which claims a margin of error of +/- 3 points. Nevertheless, with numbers like this a 10 point MoE wouldn’t help Barack Obama and his Party.  With Catholics who were 27% of the electorate in 2008 now intending to vote 3 to 1 against Obama there is very little chance of the president winning reelection in November.  

 Since 1948 no Democrat has ever won the presidency while losing the Catholic vote. Republicans Dwight Eisenhower and George W. Bush did it, but no Democrat has accomplished that goal. This year will be no different.   

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 1869: Over the strong objection of White Democrats, Republican John Willis Menard became the first African American to speak on the floor of the House of Representatives.

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3 thoughts on “New poll: Catholics to vote3 to 1 against Obama; explains why Cardinal Dolan not welcome at DNC”

  1. Obama’s 2013 New Year’s Resolutions:
    • Party with Secret Service one last time .
    • Pack up White House silverware.
    • Cut prices for Presidential Pardons.
    • Fire up paper shredders.
    • Delete teleprompter porno.
    • Tell Bill the truth about Hillary & him.
    • Get medical marijuana card.
    • Ask Chris Matthews for a date.
    • Throw Eric Holder under the bus.
    • Throw Joe Biden under the short bus.

  2. Romney’s 2013 New Year’s Resolutions:
    • Prepare Secret Service pink slips .
    • Replace missing White House silverware.
    • Track and freeze pardon payments.
    • Shred piles of Hope n’ Change posters.
    • Donate teleprompters to the Salvation Army.
    • Send Hillary Clinton to prison.
    • Rescind medical marijuana cards.
    • Send Chris Matthews a condolence letter.
    • Take Eric Holder into custody.
    • Remove hair plug coverage from ObamaCare.

  3. A lifelong friend in the Catholic clergy tells me most Catholic clergy are Obama supporters – a leftover from the disaster of Alinskyite/liberation theology “Social Justice” that infected the Church, nearly destroying her major role in the corporal works of mercy. (It costs 3 times as much to help the needy with federal dollars as with religious and community agencies – and don’t forget it!)

    I sense a sea change among them – probably trying to keep up with the other men in their parishes and responding to the great leadership of a cadre of solid new bishops, led by Dolan, Luri, George, Gomez, Ochoa, Cordileone and others who know the risks under a President determined to install Sharia in the USA.

    I take a little pride in that I was on the Board of Clovis, CA’s Christian Family Renewal under Dr. Murray Norris when American Life Lobby (now League) was a dba of CFR under our 501(c)3 until Paul and Judie Brown got off and running. What a great job they’ve done.

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