New survey results are odd but not hard to decipher: honest journalism is dead


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 During the months leading up to last month’s election, we saw a remarkable amount of survey data that pointed to a big victory for Mitt Romney.  Nevertheless, almost all of the projections generated by the polls were ultimate proved wrong, so wrong that it really can no longer be successfully argued that people did not lie to pollsters. If this was the extent of the disinformation we heard and read it would be bad enough, but it gets worse. 

Reports of a sharp drop in Democrat registration published by a Democrat “think tank” calling itself the “Third Way” (a heretofore unknown group) have also been proved to be wildly inaccurate – so much so that it is hard to accept that their “errors” were honest.

Third Way told us some whoppers that were accepted as true in many corners, this site included. For instance Third Way told us the Democrat registration in New Hampshire had dropped 19.5% and by a smaller but also significant number in Iowa. It is hard to accept that these numbers were not made up out of thin air.

Now the same group is telling us 96% of those who voted for Barack Obama believe the federal debt is a problem with 85% of them favoring increasing taxes on “the wealthy.” 

This data is not in and of itself odd or surprising, but added to the rest of the numbers presented by this survey things do get strange. Almost half (41%) of these voters now want to use spending cuts to control the deficit and another 41% want to just tax the rich out of existence.  Most surprisingly Third Way is telling us that only 5% of Obama’s voters want to raise taxes as the only way to resolve the deficit.           

Manifestly counter intuitive data like this strongly suggests that we were the victims of media and informational manipulations on a scale never before see in our country. To reelect Barack Obama the Democrats used lies and deceit the Nazis would have been proud to use. The worst part is we don’t seem to be able to do much about them doing this in every election cycle from now on. Honest journalism is dead.


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3 thoughts on “New survey results are odd but not hard to decipher: honest journalism is dead”

  1. Why accept the fact that the media lied to us BEFORE the election but not after it?
    Perhaps they told the truth and those pre-election surveys WERE accurate but the election results were not.

    All I am saying is there is more than one way to reconcile the data.

    It is hard to believe massive fraud and cheating gave Obama the election or at least that that some are saying this without proof EXCEPT that the results of the election were so off from the surveys, etc.

    This election needs a real good scrutinization from top to bottom. Even if fraud wasn’t an issue—what went wrong for our side???

    1. To Dave in Alabama: Why is it so difficult for you to believe the likelihood of massive vote tampering, rigging, and voter fraud?
      With 144% “voter turn-out” in Port St. Lucie, Florida; counties in Pennsylvania where Romney did not register a single, solitary vote in what is normally a mixed voting area; “voting irregularities” which were reported nation-wide; precinct voting machines being turned in for investigation; ad
      This racist jackass in the Oval office controls the media, spits in the face of Congress, and has invited the United Nations into OUR country to place controls on our privately owned guns, our private property rights (Agenda 21),and other noxious interferences…..why would you credit him with NOT rigging and controlling Americans’ abilities to vote against him?
      Damn ALL the surveys, past and present….those numbers are far more easy to skew than elections!!
      I’ve said from the “get-go” on this, and other sites…”Do NOT listen to the polls!”
      All of them, even the ones mentioned repeatedly on this site were skewed to give false information and false hopes.
      Why is it so hard to believe that Americans have been disenfranchised by both Obama and Congress?
      We, our State Governors, and the precious handful of legislators in Congress who still have some respect for the Constitution, are the only ones standing in the way of a true Banana Republic type of Muslim Brotherhood Nation.
      You can give up ANY hope, RIGHT NOW, of ever having any part of this past mockery called an election scrutinized, probed, or otherwise investigated… “Fast and Furious” and Benghazi….the filth surrounding (and including Obama), want us to just forgetaboutit!

  2. Coach writes: “During the months leading up to last month’s election, we saw a remarkable amount of survey data that pointed to a big victory for Mitt Romney.”

    From where? The cockamamie “unskewed polls”? A majority of polls indicated a win for President Obama.

    Then JoAnne writes: “With 144% “voter turn-out” in Port St. Lucie, Florida…”

    JoAnne, this is total nonsense. Do your homework.

    And for goodness sake, no one is putting controls on your guns, or taking your guns away.

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