2012 Election–the death or re-birth of the United States

by Doug Book,  staff writer

The result of this presidential election will let the American public know whether their nation is dying or being reborn.

As “Coach” Collins wrote on CiR this morning, the November 5th Rasmussen Party Affiliation poll reveals that by a 5.8 % margin, more voters consider themselves Republican than Democrat. It is by far the largest advantage Republicans have ever enjoyed. Indeed it is more than 4 TIMES the +1.3% Republican margin of November, 2010 when the GOP eviscerated Democrats in both the house and the senate. (1)

Looking back upon party affiliation polling numbers of the past, it is clear that Rasmussen is nothing if not accurate. Democrats boasted an advantage of 7.6% in November of 2008, the year in which Obama roundly defeated the hapless John McCain by approximately that exact number!

But perhaps of greater interest is the fact that Democrats also enjoyed the lead in October of 2010! In that month, the party of Karl Marx held a 2.9% lead over Republicans. Yet the sudden ascendency of the GOP to the 1.3% lead in the following month made an obviously    monumental difference.

This year, Republicans have held the advantage in every month, averaging a 2.5% edge which ballooned to 4.3% in August. Though some might call it a mark of enthusiasm for Party candidates, it is clear that the vast majority of voters who contribute to this number do so out of both fear and contempt—fear for the well-being of the United States and contempt for the individual most responsible for its deliberate destruction.

One thing is certain. IF all is as it should be at polling places across the country, Mitt Romney will win a landslide election. The party number polled by Rasmussen can lead to no other outcome.

If, however, Obama should win, we will be witnessing the demise of the United States. For his victory would mean that the massive and organized voter fraud of the radical left and the Democrat Party will have defeated a Republican tidal wave. And as experience has taught us that Republicans are either too cowardly or too indifferent to complain, each and every subsequent election would then follow the same pattern until eventually there would be no elected official honest or honorable enough to complain to!

Those who have called the election of 2012 the most important of our lifetime are understating the moment. It is, in fact, the most important in the lifetime of our country.

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To read more use these links:

(1) http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/archive/mood_of_america_archive/partisan_trends/summary_of_party_affiliation


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