No Social Security $$ increase until 2012; Obama double crosses his base, media smothers the story

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

This is another important story being smothered by the Democrat controlled media.

The Obama administration has quietly announced there will be no raise in social security payments next year and maybe not until 2012, a presidential election year.

Citing a 2008 third quarter cost of living decline, Congress has voted no cost of living increase in next year’s Social Security checks for the first time since 1973.

The Democrats are pointing to their own prediction of a “… [steady] decline in consumer prices through the first three quarters of this year…” Based on this they claim to foresee no need for raises until possibly 1212.

Democrats ignore Consumer Price Index: hide behind flat Inflation

Obama’s base will suffer the most. While 80% of our big cities voted for Obama it’s apparent the elderly, both White and minority, will be asked to “balance the budget” by themselves. There might not be any inflation but the Consumer Price Index (CPI) has risen steadily since January, and people are living by the CPI not the rate of inflation.

Numbers show ignoring the CPI will crush elderly and minorities

Using Gastonia North Carolina as a baseline for CPI, here are some comparisons with other centers where the population is White Black Hispanic elderly and overwhelmingly Obama supporters.

In each of these Urban centers Obama got more than 80% of the vote but:

Those living in New York City need 55% more to live than those in Gastonia.

In Detroit they need 12% more; in Cleveland they need 10% more; Bostonians 25% more

Chicagoans 10.7% more and Oakland Californians need 43% more than those in Gastonia

The poor in these cities receive standard payments the same as everywhere else. The combination of no raise and a rising CPI will actually kill some of them.

This seems to be exactly what Obama’s plan for making his plans appear to work.

On top of these problems those who are newly signed up for Social Security during the next two years will pay more for Part B Medicare and everyone receiving Medicare Part D prescription drug benefits will pay more.

Let’s face it, if George Bush did this it would be front page news from now until Election Day 1212.

Some get it some don’t

The White elderly seem to be turning on Obama, but Black and Hispanic seniors will never follow them. They will continue to be dragged through the mud for the rest of time because they will never have the courage or good sense to let go of the Democrat level on Election Day.

We have to get the word to all seniors whether they rely upon Social Security to survive or not. We have to tell them they have been fooled. Get the facts. Speak the truth and change some senior minds. America is depending on all of us.

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