Notre Dame’s invitation to Obama: The beginning of an American Catholic Church schism?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

As children in Catholic grade schools we were taught the word “schism.”

Schisms were explained as splits in the Catholic Church which were sad but necessary evolutions occurring because not all Catholics could be expected to remain loyal to Roman Catholic doctrine.

The major schism in Church history occurred about 1050 AD, and brought about the Eastern Orthodox Churches.

When Luther and Henry brought about their schisms the Catholic Church was disappointed, but survived and moved on.

Given the steady decline in the number of “Catholic” Catholic colleges in America and the growing hostility toward Catholic doctrine at so many “Catholic” schools the stage may be set for an American schism.

The original aims and purpose of a Catholic education have been so subverted at so many schools claiming to be Catholic, it’s hard to find at Catholic Catholic college.

This fact begs the question: Why should Catholics support schools whose focus is teaching Catholic doctrine is arcane backwards and even evil?

Simply put: We shouldn’t.

Notre Dame’s invitation to Barack Obama, the most pro death president in history, suggests a de facto schism may already be underway and this could be a good thing.

If “Catholic” schools like Notre Dame don’t want to live Catholicism let them go. Let’s have no more pretenses. Let’s have no more hand wringing alumni moaning as they write another check.

Phony “Catholic” schools are wasting Catholic donations that should instead go to supporting seminaries in countries where the Church is growing.

In our big cities Catholic grammar schools are closing every year because there are no Catholics left to support them. Why should these phony Catholic colleges be exempt from reality? They lick the boots of the secular world let the secular world support them.

If this is a schism so be it.

In more than five dozen schools calling themselves “Catholic colleges” there are active Gay and Lesbian clubs supported with institutional funds. Holding aside any judgment of homosexuals as fellow strugglers and seekers of the way to heaven, one has to ask if these same schools would willingly support a Swindlers Club or a Swingers Club. Each group would be promoting sinful conduct, but we know they never would allow these clubs on campus let alone support them.

As just another Catholic sitting in a pew, I’m sick of these phonies quislings attacking my Church. There is no rule saying the Catholic Church has to maintain schools. The Church wasn’t founded to insure the CYO and Bingo people have a place to meet or “liberation theology” has a home.

In a series of pacts with eventual destruction probably hundreds of millions of our dollars are going to support Catholic grammar schools populated by students who are not Catholics. These schools present a fraudulent picture of whether or not a local school is meeting its mission of teaching Catholic children. In some schools Muslim youngsters fill seats that would go unused if not for these shams. Lets close down more of these places and instead build centers for teaching Catholic doctrine at CCDs across the country.

There is a shortage of priests to work in parishes. Let’s abandon these un-Catholic Catholic colleges and grade schools to the secular world and reassign the priests in them to parish work and their real purpose – saving souls. Most of these men are content to work at schools because they have concluded they like being a priest but not doing the work of a Catholic priest.

In far too many cases these fraudulent “Catholic” schools have become obstacles to the only purpose of the Roman Catholic Church which is showing us the way to salvation. Anything which impedes our journey should be removed. I say: Catholic Catholic schools or no Catholic schools.

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