Notre Dame: dying of moral relativism? Father Jenkins: Catholic doctrine is never relative!

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Last Friday Joe Scarbough interviewed a 21 year old woman who is a Notre Dame senior. She was angry at the “hypocrisy of those who were trying to pressure Notre Dame out of having President Obama speak at our graduation ceremony.” She continued, “When George Bush (at Notre Dame that would be the EVIL George Bush) spoke here in 2001 no one complained about his support for capital punishment!” Then, apparently realizing the weakness of her argument, she backtracked with, “I know they [abortion and capital punishment] aren’t the same, but they’re both against the principles of the church.” The moral relativism she was taught in South Bend came shinning through.

Her words ripped the mask off Notre Dame. They told us how Notre Dame relies on moral relativism to navigate inconvenient contradictions between Catholic doctrine and the secular standards Notre Dame seems to prefer.

Father John Jenkins, Notre Dame’s president has highlighted his own moral relativism with his sad and embarrassing statements about relying on a group of Canon lawyers for clarity in this situation. It won’t wash. Father Jenkins and Notre Dame have fooled themselves into thinking they have fooled us, but they’re wrong.

To fight the Pope, Henry had his stooge bishops “clarify his situation”, but in the end true Catholics never acknowledged his make believe church. Today’s real Catholics don’t buy this line either.

Father Jenkins is dragging Notre Dame down a dark ugly ally where sucking up to a supporter of brutally murdering inconvenient miracle abortion survivors is now more important than Catholic doctrine. He can say what he wants. He can use Georgetown as his model (didn’t that turnout embarrassing?) but Canon 915 and 916 say you can’t cooperate with manifest evil, even if it arrives to the tune of “Hail to the Chief.”

Father Jenkins’ obstinate promotion of scandal is very troubling and very unbecoming of a Catholic priest. He is giving scandal to young impressionable Catholics across the country and he is dead wrong on this issue. He ought to stop this sellout and recall why he became a priest. Did he offer his life so an abortionist could use him as a pawn to promote the culture of death?

While our young friend in South Bend might not believe this, there are tens of millions of Catholics who are angry and disappointed at the hypocrisy she is displaying in her claim that capital punishment and murdering defenseless “defective” born infants are in anyway interchangeable.

This young woman stated that 97% of Notre Dame’s graduating seniors are in favor of overlooking the manifest evil of Barack Obama and welcoming him as a great man. Isn’t that a sad commentary on how far away from Catholic teachings Notre Dame has drifted?

It is indeed interesting that the University of Arizona, where Barack Obama will also speak, has flatly rejected calls to grant him an honorary doctoral degree because he has not accomplished anything.

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