Notre Dame: The Catholic Potemkin village; nice on the outside fake on the inside

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The phony hypocritical apologists helping Notre Dame build its “Catholic Potemkin village” have had their way long enough. Now it’s time for the truth.

As we draw closer to May17, when Barack Obama will speak at Notre Dame’s graduation ceremony the school’s secular apologists are turning up their barrage of lies and misinformation.

They want to talk about phony issues not Obama’s murderous intentions toward innocent babies. We’re supposed to forget Notre Dame knows full well what’s in Obama’s evil heart.

Contrary to these apologists’ self delusions, we are not against Obama because he is Black or necessarily because of his position on stem cells.

Obama’s love of abortion is the issue we’re willing to fight over even if it has become all too acceptable at too many so called Catholic colleges.

The heart of the problem is Obama’s support of POST birth abortion; the murder of babies labeled inconvenient and expendable after their miraculous survival of an abortion.

Regardless of Notre Dame’s rhetoric their invitee is a Mengele-like creature who would order the death of “inconvenient” babies and Father Jenkins fully understands this.

Obama proposed letting these babies die in a broom closet agonizing from hunger and thirst because their survival would violate “the original intent” of an abortion.

This is a clear contradiction of every fiber of Catholic doctrine. It is obvious cooperation with evil and a shining example of giving scandal to impressionable people. It gives powerful ammunition to those who would destroy the Catholic Church.

This travesty will go on and it begs the question: In return for his royal visit will Obama rub Notre Dame’s face in the mud and demand religious items be covered as he did at Georgetown? If so Notre Dame, the Catholic Potemkin village, will deserve it. But we won’t.

Since it is a clear skill of the Left to recognize and take advantage of every opening it sees, one has to ask will Obama demand Father Jenkins and his fellow priests wear “proper business attire” during his “royal visit?”

Enough is enough. Fawning secular media pieces about how wonderful it is that the 45% of Notre Dame’s Faculty who are not Catholic “support the mission of the Church” are laughable on their face.

At best these people can be expected to be neutral toward Church doctrine. “Supportive” is a big stretch. Question: Are these the faculty who are telling students to disregard Obama’s murderous intentions? Why would anyone think otherwise? Then again maybe it’s the priests who are teaching students this secularist message.

At Notre Dame it is no longer clear.

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