Nov. 2: Political Passover for New York’s Democrats “Political Angel of Death” won’t pass over NYS

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 Each year Jews around the world celebrate Passover which is a commemoration of the Angel of Death’s “passing over” their homes thus sparing their first born children.  

 This year, Democrats and pollsters in New York State are convincing themselves  the conservative political angel of death will pass over New York on its way to the Pacific coast on Election Night.

 Yes the published poll data support this belief but are the pollsters asking the right questions of the right voters?

 An October 7th Quinnipiac poll, focusing on just “angry voters”, gave Carl Paladino the Republican nominee for governor in New York a lead of 50/41 over Democrat Andrew Cuomo. “Angry voters” are 100% certain to vote.  The poll also found 45% say they are angry and another 42% say they are “dissatisfied.”

 A total of 87% of New York voters are angry or dissatisfied. How does this support the reported Cuomo lead of anywhere between 18 and 23 points?

 When the generic surveys of relative enthusiasm and party preference are factored in it becomes somewhat silly to think that the Political Angel of Death will pass over New York State.

 The political grim reaper will work his way down from Maine where Republicans lead in the governor’s race and are close if not leading in the two Congressional races. He will then stop in Massachusetts where even Barney Frank is now endangered and in Connecticut where Linda McMahon is closing fast. He will not pass over New York State.

 Factors that are not being considered

 Several websites that are following Congressional races have placed at least six New York State incumbent Democrats on their endangered lists.

 New York State political observers are predicting a Republican take over of the State Senate.

 The national polls that trumpet large ( but suspect ) leads for Andrew Cuomo Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand  will serve to convince already discouraged Democrats there is little reason to vote since the races they care about are locked up.  

 Like Santa Claus the Political Angel of Death will not be seen as he goes about his work, but his visit will be very evident.  Like Santa Claus, he will work off a list of the “naughty and nice.” He will not pass over New York State.

 [2]National numbers of angry voters (85%) exactly match New York’s number of  angry or dissatisfied voters as per  the Langer Research Associates.

  Angry voters will be heard from and they will man the control towers to help the Political Angel of Death land again and again in New York State.

 It’s up to you: Freedom or slavery. It’s that simple.  America needs heroes. Will you be one?

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Do your own research

Don’t take anyone’s word on Democrats defending their seats because this election is way too important. Use theses sites to find out where Democrats and Republicans stand on the issues you feel strongly about.  ACU conservative ratings.  Citizens Against Government Waste  Seconds Amendment rights protection group  all categories National taxpayers union free market supporters Military Officers Association of America National pro abortion group

 Make it your goal to convert 10 people who promise to convert 10 others. Ask each person to donate $10.00 to a campaign.  If you don’t live in the district of the candidate you want to back, volunteer to make phone calls from your home. It’s easier than you think.

 Use this site to contact your Congressional Representative:

 This day in history October 14

 1949: When we had no trouble identifying and dealing with our enemies, 11 leaders of the American Communist Party are convicted after a nine month trial for conspiring to advocate the violent overthrow of the American Government.  

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