Now why would this be? Reuters bleats that new state laws against voter fraud will hurt Obama

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Reuters is worried that new tough anti voter fraud laws will hurt Barack Obama’s chances of reelection next November. Complaining that such laws “could” reduce Obama’s supporters by “hundreds of thousands” the media outlet apparently sees no irony in its own position. Reuters doesn’t feel at all self-conscious about the implication that only fraudulent applicants have to be concerned about these new laws and honest people would not be disadvantaged in the least.

“Republican” led Legislatures  

 Further exposing its support for voter fraud the media giant cites “Republican-led legislatures” in 12 states as the culprits who are sharply restricting fraudulent voter drives. These “drives” typically provide Democrats with fake poor, young, Black and Hispanic “voters” who support them by big margins.

These new laws require photo identification which is the most potent weapon against Democrat voter fraud. In states such as Florida and Ohio, where honest polls already have Democrat Senatorial candidates trailing by double digits, a photo identification requirement to vote ends any chance Obama or his Democrat running mates have of winning.  

Anti voter fraud laws are paying off. Rock the Vote which concentrates on young voters, (who overwhelmingly have photo IDs from school and driver’s licenses anyway), has scaled down its voter registration goal by a third – maybe they KNOW the party is over.  Rock The Vote and the “non partisan” League of Women Voters have both ended their voter registration drives in Florida because the Republican controlled Legislature’s anti voter fraud laws are just too tough to beat. 

Floridanow demands that, to be accepted, registrations must be submitted to the Board of Elections within 48 hours after they were completed. Failure to comply with this regulation could result in at least a $5,000 fine. Consequently, if the dates on a bundle of registration forms show they are more than two days old dumping them in the trash is the only hope of trouble.

 This last part separates the amateurs from the hard core criminal voter fraudsters. The dabblers who think is “fun to stick it to the Republicans” by committing voter fraud will think twice about running this risk.

Reuters goes on to say, 16 states are considering bills that would finally end the Election day voter registrations that lend themselves so easily to voter fraud.

There are of course those who will insist that Obama will win reelection because of voter fraud and that could still conceivably be the case, but the fact remains that large organizations whose business is voter fraud don’t agree. They’re sitting this one out.   

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