Obama’s “defeat train” picking up speed as it heads toward a cliff


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 Since Friday Barack Obama’s chances of reelection have dimmed considerably.

 The recent hits “Hope and Change Part II” has taken are not small and will cause even “true believers” to take heed.

Friday Democracy Corps told Obama and his advisors they should stop telling people the economy is either getting better or has actually fully recovered as some wild eyed liars have been saying. In very strong language Stan Greenberg the DC pollster said even the weakest Republican message on the economy gets a markedly better response from voters than any variation of Obama’s “America is back” theme. 

  Yesterday a little reported Pew research survey revealed that Catholic voters are running away from Obama in large numbers. It noted that while Catholics in general had supported Democrats 53/37 in 2008 that advantage is now down to just 48/43, but more telling is that church going Catholics who favored John McCain 50/49 now disapprove of Obama 49/42.

Pew also pointed out that Obama’s support among Jewish voters is down to 65% which is below the 68% or more threshold Democrats MUST get to win election. 

These numbers are important because they were compiled in December, BEFORE Obama’s war on the Catholic Church became widely understood. Now that America’s Catholic Bishops have drawn their line in the sand Obama’s “Catholic” numbers can only get worse.  

 A new USA Today/Gallup report now tells us that in the “must win swing states”  voters reject Obamacare as something that is an unconstitutional law Obama should not have signed and should be repealed. By two to one people believe Obamacare will make their lives worse. Voters (including 56% of Democrats) think an individual mandate is a bad idea.  

Yesterday another leg of Obama’s web of lies was kicked out by poll results from a “The Hill” that proved his class warfare strategy is falling flat as well. It found 75% of likely voters believe top earners should pay LOWER not HIGHER taxes and a 30% or less tax rate for top earners was right. Just FOUR PERCENT agreed with Obama’s plan to make taxes on upper income earners higher.   

 Last but not least in the barrage of bad news for the Fraud in Chief is the fact that he is NOT raising money at a rate that will bring him remotely close to even the $750 million he had in 2008, let alone the touted ONE BILLION DOLLARS he is supposed to have this year.  

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In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both. 

What have you done today to deserve to live in America?

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4 thoughts on “Obama’s “defeat train” picking up speed as it heads toward a cliff”

  1. Most excellent! Common sense aces out the Obamamaniacs (adolescence extended to a fatal degree) every time. Those of us who exercise it must now be prepared to stand firm against the truely demented who comprise the rank(s) of SEIU, ACORN, OCCUPY, et al, who will no doubt react in the manner of an out of control two year old when confronted with a little parental discipline…as it becomes apparent that their little "'O'Boy" is being unmasked as the complete posseur that he is. Not that they would ever be able to recoginize one.

    ELK (USNA '68 and SWBTS '86)

  2. In the arena of "unintended consequences"…Obama's own actions may prove to be a unifying source among American voters…rather than the disaster he had planned.

  3. Coach…I've found an article at a web site you just might want to examine more closely.
    The article is written by Bev Harris of 'Black Box Voting' and the title is, "Recipe for Vote Fraud : Global Internet Voting Firm Buys U.S. Election Results Reporting Firm"…published January 13 2012.
    One quote from Harris appearing in the "comments" section of the article which could possibly be overlooked, but which encapsulates the dangers inherent in this firm's acquisition of a global company tabulating American voters' ballots directly from precincts across America, is as follows.
    ""It creates a vertical monopoly, in that you have one provider providing each step of the system, and a horizontal monopoly , with one provider delivering results across the majority of the geographic spectrum"
    Some of the "forum" participants also offer rather illuminating comments on this as well.
    Please go to : http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2012/01/global-internet-v...
    The sub-title of the article is : "The Ability to Commit Vote Fraud is Becoming Push-Button.
    Wonder if there are any links to Soros….if there ARE, that would go a long way toward explaining why, in the face of poor polling across a wide spectrum of voters, Obama smugly insists he WILL be re-elected.
    There is an additional website which should be checked out for information very similar to the above mentioned article.
    Go to: http://www.americanfreepress.net/html/chicago_ballot_cha...
    The article is entitled, "Chicago Ballot Chaos : New Computer Vote Machines Malfunction, Unverifiable"…written by Christopher Bollyn….the end of the first paragraph is chilling, "…..computerized voting system operated by a privately held foreign company reveals how meaningless and absurd the "democratic" process in America has become."
    Apparently there are multiple ways in which American voters are are capable of being disenfranchised.

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