Obama’s “reelection” numbers are more scare tactics from Democrats and RINOs than hard facts

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

An analysis of Barack Obama’s reelection chances shows most of what we are being told to be lies half truths and distortions designed to scare conservatives and dampen our spirits.

Consider these points.

We have heard over and over that even trying to win this election is hopeless because anywhere from 46% to 52% (or whatever the media thinks would scare and dishearten us) of Americans are receiving federal money so they won’t vote against their own interests. This presupposes those who are used to sitting back and taking from the rest of us will vote at a rate even equal to the rate we will vote at. We will be protecting our families and America’s future; we won’t be staying home. A recent enthusiasm survey, done by the liberal NBC/WSJ, showed that liberals are 21 points less likely to vote than conservatives – and conservatives out number liberals 2 to 1.

 In a recent Romney groveling piece RINO John Podhoretz tried his hand at scaring us by mentioning Obama will have $750 million dollars to throw at Newt Gingrich should he become our nominee – as if he wouldn’t spend the same amount attacking Romney.  While this is far below the ONE BILLION DOLLARS in the continuing scare tactic version of how Obama’s fund raising is progressing, even $750,000,000 may be an unattainable goal.   

 Nevertheless, proving he too can be right at least once a week, Karl Rove has  dissected this notion saying, “Even though at least $35 million (almost half the total Obama/DNC haul) can be credited to just 244 well-connected ‘bundlers,’ Team Obama made a big thing of their 260,000 new small dollar donors. But that means only 292,000 donors from his last campaign have renewed their support for the re-elect so far. That’s just 6.6 percent of the 3.95 million people who donated to the ’08 Obama effort, only a quarter to a third of what most reelect campaigns could expect from renewal efforts at this point.”

Another scary statement we’ve heard pretty regularly is, “Oh it’s no use fighting because the jerky kids that voted Obama in last time will march zombie-like to the polls and reelect him!” This sounds pretty scary, but it doesn’t square with reality.    

In 2008 66% of voters 18 to 29 voted for Obama but the latest NBC/WSJ survey shows their support has fallen to 48% – and than there is that question of enthusiasm.

Anyone who thinks this group will turn out for Obama as they did in 2008,had better take a look at their turn out in 2009 and 2010.   

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7 thoughts on “Obama’s “reelection” numbers are more scare tactics from Democrats and RINOs than hard facts”

  1. And the facts listed above mean we must be vigilant for the voter fraud we KNOW will take place at an unprecedented rate. It was responsible for the re-election of Harry Reid and Obama is counting on the same "participation" of illegals and "frequent" voters to put him over the top as well. Conservatives MUST go to the polls next year. And Black Panthers thinking of a repeat of their 2008 performance had best beware.

  2. If the numbers reported are squared away with the fraud they perpetuate, they can "declare a victory". It's what appears to be true is what matters to the left. They will make it happen with rigging voting machines and having those graveyard citizens turn up at the polls.

  3. While it is certainly wise to remain on guard for voter fraud, it is important to keep in mind that voter fraud on the scale Obama will need to win is VERY difficult to pull off. The times that come to mind are elections where Democrat voter fraud has been no more than 1 or 1 1/2% which is a lot, but if Obama is that close we are doomed anyway. Most political consultants say that in small elections MAYBE 3 1/2% is POSSIBLE, but in most places Obama will be losing by 7 to 9% which will be out of reach for even the most crooked Democrats.

    Keep your powder dry. We need fighters to combat real stuff like fraud at the state level where the Obama factor will be deadly for Democrats up and down the ballot.

  4. voter fraud is more wide spread than reported – from machines to illegal aliens voting in huge numbers our USA is becoming more like a banana republic!!
    who once said its not only who votes but also those who count the votes..

  5. Dud before you sit down to write stay away from the crack pipe. If anything the numbers don't tell how bad Obama and his party is going down. Never forget the "Silent Majority."

  6. Obama is going to fall like a terrified coward-he will get out of this country when he loses-because he is no citizen-he will be on "America's Most Wanted"- as the criminal to phone in about his where-a-bouts

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