Obama’s “Yes we can!” could easily mean: “Yes I can nationalize your gold if I want to!”

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

If the first two years of Barack Obama’s reign have taught us anything, it’s that whatever was once thought to be impossible and came under the category of “He can’t possibility do that,can he?” is being re-defined almost daily. The only limits Obama apparently has are the limits of his imagination and drive to destroy American.

The newest “He can’t do that, can he?” involves Obama’s ability to use the powers of his office to seize and confiscate our personally held gold coins, bouillon and all other precious metals and gems.

Yes he can take our gold

Should the Obama regime deign to “nationalize” our gold it will be doing so with the weight of law and legal precedent on its side. As Barack Obama does today, in his reign Franklin Roosevelt saw himself as an emperor, and he established a legal “precedent” for changing the meaning of laws to provide the grounds for doing whatever he wanted.

On April 5, 1933 Roosevelt made an announcement that he would use the Trading With the Enemy Act (TWEA) of 1917 as the basis for his Executive Order 6102 compelling all Americans to present themselves at a Federal Reserve bank on or before May 1, 1935, (just 26 days later) to turn in their gold holdings whether physical or in paper currency redeemable in gold. The Fed would then pay whatever Roosevelt decided it should for this precious metal.

As Obama has done so many times already, Roosevelt unilaterally decreed an amendment to a federal law to make it fit what he wanted to do. Without any apparent authority, Roosevelt extended the meaning of “Trading with the Enemy” to include privately holding gold.

As Obama has now done, Roosevelt decreed substantial punishments for anyone who defied his order. Violating Roosevelt’s version of TWEA subjected otherwise law abiding Americans to 10 years in federal prison or a $10,000 fine. There were few challengers then, but today might be different.

 TWEA is still on the books

While private ownership of gold has now been legal for many years there is still ample reason to fear nationalization of gold. There is no consensus in the legal community that TWEA is not legal or unenforceable. Just as there was “no chance” Obama could get away with nationalizing the auto manufacturing industry the banking industry or the student and home loan industries, there is “no chance” Obama can nationalize our personally held gold, right?

The fight over gold nationalization will be vicious and protracted, and it will revolve around the constant question of “just compensation.” Obama may even point to the faulty principle of eminent domain established in the [3]Kelso Decision to make his case that there is now no longer any such thing as private property. In the Kelso case the Supreme Court said government could take personally owned property for the benefit of “the greater good.” Obviously a phrase like that is music to Obama’s ears.

TWEA is enforceable

In a 1969 case a United States Air Force enlisted man was tried convicted and imprisoned for seven years at hard labor for hoarding gold!

On August 8, 1935 Senate Republicans tried to overturn Comrade Roosevelt’s edict forbidding lawsuits by private persons to secure the return of their gold. Although sneering Democrats agreed the order was “immoral” the amendment was overwhelmingly defeated.

So the answer is “Yes he can” if he decides to.” Nationalization of gold can happen.






Yesterday’s Rasmussen Presidential Index had Obama at – 10; Rasmussen’s latest Generic Ballot poll has Republicans +8 at 46/38.

Silence in the face of tyranny is collaboration with that tyranny. Think about this: do you want to trust your family’s future to Democrats?

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This day in history August 9

1945: The second atomic bomb is dropped on Japan flattening most of the City of Nagasaki and ending World War II saving millions of lives.


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  1. I take offense to the notion that dropping an atomic bomb on Japan saved millions of lives. The only reason the war dragged on was Jewish ruled America's insistence on unconditional surrender. The islands could've also been blockaded, surrender could've been negotiated. Japan was conned intom the war inthe first place,,,, as are most countries. Read "Day of Deceit" There is NEVER a viable reason to NUKE innocent civilians.

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