Obama’s dozens of Social Security Numbers

 By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

 Discrepancies in Barack Obama’s history “that raise serious questions about his eligibility for the office of President” have been accepted “quietly” for study by the U.S, Supreme Court, according to an Email this web site received just this week.  

 The memo which goes on to refer to “possible fraudulent use of a Social Security number in Connecticut, while Obama was a high school student in Hawaii,” is quite similar to an investigation coachisright.com posted on May 16, 2010.

According to a search done by former British police detective Neil Sankey, now a U.S. citizen and a licensed private investigator in Los Angeles, Barack Obama reportedly has 27 different social security numbers under 21 different personal and/or familial name variations in 22 different states plus the District of Columbia.

 Along with PI Susan Daniels, Sankey generated a large social security public data base in his lengthy research project, titled “List of Properties associated with Barack Obama and his family.”  Sankey’s research is featured in a web video entitled Dossier2MP4 produced by Jim Przybowski.  The Sankey/Daniels social security investigation segment alleges Obama currently is using a Social Security number assigned to someone born in Connecticut in l890!

N.B. There is no indication that the Social Security Administration re-issues numbers upon the death of a number holder no matter how long ago they were originally issued.  

   Sankey and Daniels report that Social Security numbers connected to Barack Obama and the addresses they trace to are as follows:  363 Notlem St., 34982-7358 Fort Pierce, FL.  A Social Security number beginning with zero is connected to “White House, Irvine, CA.”   A number starting with 282 connects to “713 Hart Senate, D.C,”   There was one connected to “White House, Baltimore, MD.”    Six more Social Security numbers beginning in the 400s show up with addresses in Washington, Colorado, Georgia, New Jersey, Tennessee and Maryland.

 Another five beginning with 500 connect to more cities in California, Washington, Maryland, and Georgia.  Two starting with 600, trace to Florida and Texas.  Of the three numbers beginning in the 700s, one is listed as “Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, Utah.”

 Still more. . .. Three 900s connect to addresses in California and Utah postal box numbers.  Fifteen Social Security numbers connect to addresses in Illinois.  The same number appears twice for addresses in Sommerville, Massachusetts.  One goes to 300 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. Washington, D.C.; the other traces to a postal box in Chicago.

  Two odd entries have this same number, but no street address is mentioned.  Three different social security numbers for the spelling “Barak” Obama appear in addresses on Happy Street in Covington, Washington, on Digital Highway, and Video Drive in Los Angeles, CA.

  In the U.K.’s DAILY MAIL, a news story by David Jones, 27th November 2009, said Neil Sankey is trying to prove that “Barack Obama is guilty of the most audacious act of fraud in the U.S. political history, having become President when he was not eligible to run for office.”   “Sankey is a former detective sergeant who served Hampshire police for 26 years and left with an exemplary record,” continues the DAILY MAIL story.  “As a highly regarded young detective, Neil Sankey was once seconded to elite Scotland Yard units hunting down IRA bombers, dangerous anarchists, and organized crime barons,” the reporter says.

  Several calls made to Sankey’s CA office were not returned.  His data base could not be downloaded and apparently is protected research.

No copyright statement was attached to the many, many pages of Sankey’s painstaking research which I analyzed by collating his on-screen names and figures. 

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12 thoughts on “Obama’s dozens of Social Security Numbers”

  1. It would be nice if you could post a link to the docket for the U.S. Supreme Court. I think your source is mistaken and has the courts mixed up. The two investigators you mention in your article have worked with Orly Taitz. who has oral arguments on May 2, 2011 at the Pasadena division of the 9th Circuit court of Appeals not the Supreme Court. No case has ever made it past conferencing at the Supreme Court level and see no information showing any upcoming events at that level.

  2. How do we know that there is only one Barack Obama in the USA? And how do we know that others have not applied for SS# in his name as a joke and received it?

  3. How do you prove that a SS# belongs to someone, without breaking a law yourself?

    Standard practice is once a SS# is compromised, another can be issued!

    Wealthy people have little use for a social security number, only minions have use for a social security number!!!

  4. You can go to phone books online such as Dex and do your search state by state. How many idiots would have that name?

  5. What is wrong with the State of CT? How can they hid this overwhelming proof of fraud of SS #'s.
    Isn't there anyone with a working brain that works for the Social Security Admin that will come forward once and for all to insure this rouge couple will not get the Democratic nomination.

  6. It will take a person with the sure certainty that they are going to heave when they die to bring to light anything that will legally convict Obama. Because it's a given they will end up there sooner than they planned!

  7. Suzanne, I wouldn't put it past Obama to have many Social Security Numbers….after all, he photo-shoppped the newest incarnation of his birth certificate…and he has lied to the American people SO often, on SO many varied subjects….he continues to surround himself with unconstitutionally provided-for "Czars", most all the company he kept prior to becoming President are anti-American activists, and he believes his powers as President are limitless. Why NOT have a few extra Social Security cards laying about….never know when it might become useful.
    Has anyone investigated whether Social Security benefits are being paid to ANY of these card numbers attributed to Obama?

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