Obama’s Favorite Piggybank

By Jim Emerson, staff writer  

 On August 31 President Obama announced the end of “combat operations” in Iraq, while proclaiming “the military efforts the nation has made since 9/11 had shortchanged investments in our own people and contributed to record deficits.”

 It’s no secret that progressives consider Defense as a waste of money that would be better served funding more entitlement programs. As Obama promised them “What I won’t do is cut back on investments like education.” As a Commander and Chief Obama seems determined to throw the military under the bus and squander its budget.

 Latest projections from the Congressional Budget Office estimate that President Obama’s 2011 social program spending will add over $20 trillion to the national debt by 2020.  This staggering figure projects to at least a $43,000 debt for every American born in 2020.  In Bob Woodard’s “Obama War” the president let it be known that “I am not spending a trillion dollars” on war costs. His motivation is not to lose the progressive vote that awarded him his office. The Pentagon gets the lowest increase of the president’s entire budget with the lion’s share going to entitlements and that is the real cause of fiscal distress. 

 After his first two years of insane spending President Obama in now concerned about deficits and national debt. High unemployment currently at 9.6% and a dismal economy greatly impacted the expected revenue from taxes.

 Despite his Ivy League educated view regarding the military, it is not the real source of this current fiscal crisis. According to Arthur Brooks at the Heritage Foundation “Defense spending has increased at a much lower rate than domestic spending in recent years and is not the cause of soaring deficits. Even as the United States has fought two wars, the core defense budget has increased by approximately $220 billion since 2001, about a tenth as much as the government devotes each year to “mandatory” spending: Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, lesser entitlements such as food stamps and cash assistance, and interest payments on the debt. These expenditures continue automatically, year after year, without congressional debate.”

 Current defense spending has been significantly reduced since the collapse of the Soviet Union, 3.6% of the GDP vs. 6.2% during the Reagan Administration.  Available combat equipment is declining and needs to be replaced. With this administration cutting back on manpower and parts it will be the Carter era military déjà vu. The current military strength is two-third what it  was in the 80s. Without a long term plan to deal with the threats posed by China and Iran America’s security will be a thing of the past.

 The Obama administration asked the Joint Chiefs of Staff to cut the Pentagon’s budget for fiscal year 2010 by more than 10 percent, approximately $55 billion. Short changing the military in time of war is reckless at best. Showing weakness in this time of accelerated weapon programs in countries who desire us harm is a blatant disregard of the Constitutional obligation by this President. Barack Obama is a failure and our Commander in Chief.

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