Obama’s pandering to the Muslim Brotherhood is certain to bring us trouble in the future

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

In his first foreign policy speech in Egypt, President Barack Obama reached out to the Islamic community. Obama did not invite President Mubarak to attend the speech. His special guests were the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Earlier this month political leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood were invited to the White House to meet with officials from the National Security Council. The Brotherhood is on a good-will tour of the United States to gain creditability as a legitimate organization.

The main purpose of the Brotherhood’s visit to the United States was to soften its image as a radical Islamist movement and to gain the Obama Administration’s support in its raise to power in Egypt. The only obstacle in the way of the Brotherhoods total control of Egypt is the military. Seeking an alliance with Washington the Brotherhood may be able to put the military under its control. Once they gain control the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups will abandon all pretence of being a democracy and create a theocracy. Under an Islamic theocracy Democratic principles and basic human rights don’t exist; Allah doesn’t permit it.

The Caliphate

The Muslim Brotherhood’s ultimate goal is to impose Sharia law on the entire planet under control of a single Caliphate. Since its founding in 1928, as a fascist political party, the Brotherhood has worked toward taking over Egypt by crushing any opposition. Their justification will be the Quran. The Brotherhood insists it is a non- violent movement.  Its spin off groups, like al-Qaeda, are more than ready to its dirty work. Presently there are Muslims associated with the brotherhood with access to President Obama. 


Last year during the Arab Spring, the movement was praised by the White House and the State Department as a peaceful revolution to remove a dictator. They held up the peaceful revolution as a repudiation of al- al-Qaeda terrorism. What is not being reported is that al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri doesn’t care how a country becomes compliant with Islam; even “not violence is fine if it works. The Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda are busy working on Syria and taking over Libya, but before they can attack Israel they must take over Jordan.

Once Egypt becomes a theocracy its people will look to the United States and remember our government help clear the way for them to lose their rights and be forced to “submit to Allah.”

All the while Obama will be praising them for surrendering their free will to a central government and working with their new religious dictators in preparation for Islam’s war to subjugate the West.

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12 thoughts on “Obama’s pandering to the Muslim Brotherhood is certain to bring us trouble in the future”

  1. How can the Main Stream Media not report these things. It seems like about 60% of the voting populace (both legal and illegal voters) are completely ignorant of the issues.About 50 percent of these people will vote for him because he is an "African-American" (although he is 50% white, 37.5% Arabic, and only 12.5% African-American) In addition, all the illegal voters (and I suspect there are millions of non-citizens, illegal aliens, and dead people included in this count) will vote for him.
    Folks, I don't like Romney, but if we re-elect this man who thinks the sweetest sound in the world is the call to evening prayer we will never be able to return to the great country that folks like Raymond have fought for. Our founding fathers warned what would happen to this country if we forgot God and the Ten Commandments. They further warned us what would happen if government were allowed unfettered growth. We have to elect Romney and then set about getting some people in Washington that will try to reverse this suicidal course of actions.

  2. Ditto Raymond:

    I can't understand how the higher military command can't come out screaming over this recent insnity.
    I'm certain this is the tipping point of Bo Jangles master plan for weakening our National Security and all mainstream media will nefver report any of it. .

  3. Please, tell your friends, neighbors and relatives, to do all they can do to support the Republican Presidential candidate and on November 6th 2012 vote this Muslim loving Marxist and his America hating regime out of the White House!

  4. Do remember that Hilary Clinton's right hand gal, Huma, is the daughter and sister f active Muslim Brotherhood members. She is married to Anthony (show me your) Weiner, a member of Congress. I bet a few "secrets" were shared by her…

  5. Why is Obama still in office? He is definitely not eligible to be there. There is ample proof that he has committed fraud and should be arrested and is trying to usurp and overthrow the government of this country. He is using a fraudlent social security number and has more than one. He is putting out phony birth certificates and is only eligible to be arrested. A man who is not President should not be impeached where his policies may stand he has enacted. If he is arrested for being ineligible, then anything he has implemented will be voided. This must be done and not wait for them to steal the election or this government will be in chaos.

  6. If this man is arresteded then all those appointments he has made of this Socialists and/or Communist cohorts will be voided. That includes Joe Biden, and all those leftist leaning comrades of his. Get him out. Pressure Congress. He bought a house for 27,000 dollars in Chicago when it is worth, I believe 1.3 million, maybe more. He was using this fraudlent Social Security number then. Susan Daniels has proof of the Social Security numbers fraud and there are 56 people made of of lawyers, detectives, computer techntions and professionals who have inspected these phoney birth Certificates working with Joe Apario. There is no way this man should be in office. He should be arrested before this upcoming election for fraud and crimes against this country.

  7. It is a fact that Eric Holder has broken the law and is a criminal that Barrak Obama or whoever he is, has covered for him with an executive order that should not have been used for this. Eric Holder has caused or been a part of at the very least of the murder of a border patrol agend (An American) and at least one more American. There are hundreds of deaths attributed to this Fast and Furious Gun running that Holder has lied about and covered up. He has lied to Congress many times and is in contempt of Congress. Obama has used many phony names and lived, according to investigators at 58 addresses with Michelle Obama. They have secured loans, at least Obama has using different social security numbers and not repaying loans. This is fraud. Also it is federal crime to use phony Social Security numbers.

  8. Obama is enacting legislation that is favorable to one group of ethnics in education. Obama is favoring one group over the other to secure votes and further divide this country. Americans who are not represented are still being taxed. There is taxation without representation here. Eric Holder is trying to prevent states from being able to purge voter lists and are trying to keep the voter ID law from being upheld on the phoney premise that it suppresses voters. This is a lie and a con that will enable those not eligible to stack votes for the ineligible president. Illegals and those who are not eligible to vote will vote and cause honest voters to have their votes cancelled out. Those voting more than once and using dead people to vote and who are voting illegally as illegal aliens and those not eligible can cost the American People their real choice for President. The states need that voter ID law and Eric Holder needs to be jailed for the criminal that he is. He is with Obama trying to overthrow this nation of Law Under God and our Constitution. This must be stopped NOW.

  9. The Muslim Brotherhood may better rethink what they want to do in this country because we have their number, so to speak, and they may think they can threaten Americans, but what they are doing is awakening a real sleeping giant.

  10. I sincerely doubt that any sober American who has been on the receiving end of Obama’s theatrics since 2008, will allow this kind of class warfare to change their votes for him.
    There are already backlashes to O’Liar’s behavior from broad facets of American Society…
    Most people think Obama’s salvation at the hands of black voters is a pipe dream.
    How many decent Americans would prefer and vote for a Morman, who will be closely watched by his Church, over a Muslim moron and miscreant ??
    Granted, there are alot of stupid voters out there…but they haven’t been energized to get to the polls as we patriots have been.

    1. Mormon…. NOT Morman (unless you mean more man, which he is not). LOL

      Anyway, I don’t think Obama is a Muslim. He may be a psuedo-Christian, only God knows for sure. But, why is it we cannot debate policy? Personally, if you look into Mormon beliefs, they are some VERY scary people. Why is it again, we could not get a decent Christian on the ballot as a Republican? Can someone explain that one to me?

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