Obama’s radicals want drug addicts, terrorists supported with our Welfare dollars! When is enough enough?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Enough has got to finally be enough!

In a two pronged attack on our Welfare system, Obama’s radicals are A) planning to put released vicious Guantanamo Bay terrorists on American streets and force us to support them with money ripped out of our pockets and B) resist efforts to drug test Welfare recipients!

This pile of sludge from Washington is infuriating insulting and un-American!

Putting Gauntanamo’s animals on America’s streets is so wrong, so ridiculous it’s hard to know how to respond. More than sixty of the terrorist bastards these naïve fools have already released have resumed their obsession with killing Americans.

Making us pay to support these lowlifes with money pulled out of our pockets is beyond comprehension. The lame and insane reasoning for relocating them to Iowa instead of Iran is “They may be tortured and killed if they are returned to their own countries!” Stunning isn’t it?

The second burst of insanity from Obama’s radicals is a growing resistance to requiring random drug tests for Welfare recipients.

For sheer arrogance the Obama Administration beats any other in American history.

Eight states, some among the bluest of blue, want to start demanding their Welfare recipients begin submitting to random drug testing. Of course this idea has brought bleats of pain and anguish from liberals who want to distort the purposes of our Welfare assistance programs from temporary helping hands to one of permanent dependence on government.

Because of Obama’s recession many honest Americans, who never dreamed they would be on a public assistance program, find themselves standing on line next to “professional” Welfare moochers looking for drug money.

Drug testing will teach recipients to live sober and responsibly. The resistance shows Obama views Welfare as another opportunity to push Americans onto Massa Barack’s plantation. When is enough enough?

Their empty arguments contradict their “Parens patriae” doctrine approach to controlling everyone’s life. Aren’t these Marxists the same people who want to tell us we can’t smoke even in our own homes? Aren’t they the ones who tell us we can’t eat too much trans fat or place a bet in an office basketball pool?

They claim the right to tell us how to live, when we will live ( with socialized medicine) and how much money we are allowed to have with their confiscatory taxes. Now these phonies resist drug tests for Welfare people – many of whom are drug addicts – when is enough enough?

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