Obama’s reelection team has already play some major cards


                                                                                                                                                                                               By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Presidential elections are won or lost because of how a candidate’s team plays the “cards” it has. It is puzzling then, to watch the “play” pattern Barack Obama’s reelection team is using.  It begs the question: What could motivate the playing of Obama’s best “cards” eighteen months before Election Day?

 Major “cards” already used

 Last week Representative James Clyburn, a Black Democrat from South Carolina, played the race card saying, “.. the president’s problems are in large measure because of his skin color.” Using this one now can only mean trouble with Obama’s Black base.

 Obama has already released his “real” birth certificate. Which may actually be real, but why release it now instead of just before Election Day? 

April’s unemployment number was made better by an infusion of 62,000 of the Democrats’ dreaded “hamburger flipping” jobs, (the ones that didn’t used to count when Bush was in office).  Getting the current 9.0% unemployment down is essential to Obama’s chances next year. Last fall McDonald’s got a wavier from the more expensive sections of Obamacare. It is a sure bet these jobs were the YING to the wavier YANG. Obama could have dialed up Mickey Dee’s anytime to collect on this debt. Why use the quick jobs jump now?       

An Afghani Intelligence chief is on record as insisting the location of Osama bin Laden was well known for four years. While this may be a stretch many observers maintain his whereabouts was known for at least several months. Obama might not have had much choice. Maybe he really didn’t know where to find bin Laden until just before the mission. But that event coming so close to releasing his putative birth certificate has somewhat blunted the value of both moves. 

 With his support among Hispanics now in doubt,  Obama played his “Hispanic card” by lying to the graduates of a heavily Hispanic college telling them he will get the Dream Act (amnesty for illegals) passed this year. That reeks of panic.    

In mid May Obama used his weekly radio address to talk about the need for drilling for oil in Alaska. When George Bush did the same thing gasoline pump prices dropped dramatically. Obama has used this card 18 months out and gotten virtually nothing for it. Gas is still over $4.00 a gallon in many places and over $100.00 a barrel. The “drill here now” card was only marginally successful and now can not be used again without a total backfire.

Obama has “played” six major “cards” 18 months away from Election Day. Maybe Rush is right when he says Obama knows he is in trouble.

To contact your Congressional Representative use this link: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/

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This day in history May 31

 1971 – In accordance with the Uniform Monday Holiday Act passed by the U.S. Congress in 1968, observation of Memorial Day occurs on the last Monday in May for the first time, rather than on the traditional Memorial Day of May 30. Given to us by a Democrat Congress, this bill successfully changed Memorial Day Lincoln and Washington’s birthdays Columbus Day and Veteran’s Day into “BLOW OUT SALES DAYS” from their original purposes. It also leaves Martin Luther King Day as the only holiday dedicated to the memory of a single person.  

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8 thoughts on “Obama’s reelection team has already play some major cards”

  1. Obama's Birth Certificate is a patent fraud…just as he is. It's been thoroughly vivisected and discredited. It was released with NO SEAL. It is layered and a created document, a third rate forgery. Coach Collins…exactly what planet do you live on???/!!! 042-68-4425 Obama's phony SSN; it is a FELONY to use a false SSN!!!!

    1. Mr. Struk your most penetrating question, "Coach Collins…exactly what planet do you live on???/!!!" demands an answer: I live on a planet that requires mental health, which would obviously preclude your residence.

      Take a deep breath and think before you come back.


  2. Hello,
    There is always going to be "THAT" ugly elephant-[LITTLE PLAY ON WORDS HERE FOLKS]-in the room. But we see his special FRIENDS are now circling the room if you will. It is kind of funny that they have already bought out the "RACE" care. When is the second one coming out?—"OH HOW RACIST ALL THEM FOLKS ARE, BECAUSE THEY DID NOT BELIEVE "OUR" PRESIDENT ABOUT WHERE HE WAS BORN AT"? I am so sick, and fed-up with all of this. There is so much that can be said about this so-called birth-cert. but as for now I am just going to say SEEING WHEN I DID MAKES ME THINK ABOUT WHAT ELSE HE HAS BEEN HIDING, AND IS IT THE "REAL" ONE?

  3. Obama knows he can rely on the media, 98% of the black vote and the same rampant voter fraud which put Harry Reid back in office. But the intimidation tactics, worked so cleverly in 2008 to force whites to choose between voting for The One or being declared RAAAAACIST…these will fizzle in 2012. And I believe Hussein knows it.

  4. I still have a strong feeling that this it a set up to bluff the people into believing he was born in the US. He still isn't a natural born citizen. The parents weren't married and his father wasn't a citizen. What about Obama's other citizenships. By the way the father wasn't present when he was born. I also see NO authenick stamp of the states seal. I wonder how his thugs got the Doctor to sign this without the states seal or how much $$$$ did they put out? These are thoughts that bother me because you can not believe this President.

  5. You are right on the target and I agree with nyou 100%. I don't understand how he is still there and no action to impeach him and he needs to be tried for Treason. Keep pushing and make every dead beat stand and mbe counted. Great statement.

  6. Let me get this straight; because I believe that Barry Hussein Soweto-Obama is not only legally UNQUALIFIED to hold the office of President, but that he is also a ruinous, arrogant, divisive, lying, SOB makes me a "racist"????? I'll gladly wear THAT label any day. At least I haven't lost my common sense and my ability to spot a phony!

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