Obama’s weakness has emboldened China to violate Taiwan’s airspace for first time since 1999

 By Jim Emerson, staff writer

China has been demanding the U.S. halt all reconnaissance flights over international waters near its boarder.  China’s Defense Ministry told the Global Times newspaper “We demand that the U.S. respect China’s sovereignty and security interests, and take concrete measures to boost a healthy and stable development of military relations.” The only problem is that the US surveillance flights have been operating outside of China’s sovereign territory.

 Tensions have increased after a pair of Chinese fighters attempted to intercept and American U-2 flying over the Taiwan Strait which is the waterway separating Taiwan from Mainland China. The U-2 was over international waters and not in China’s airspace. In an effort to halt future surveillance flights China scrambled two Su-27s to intercept the unarmed reconnaissance aircraft.  During the intercept one of the Su-27s violated Taiwan’s airspace.

  In ground controlled intercepts, as used by most oppressive regimes, the fighters wouldn’t be allowed to violate Taiwan’s airspace without specific orders. Taiwan launched a pair of F-16s to intercept the Su-27 once the lone Su-27 was aware of the F-16 it headed back to Chinese airspace.

 This marked the first time the Chinese crossed into Taiwan airspace since 1999, the last time we had a Democrat in the White House. Ending interceptors to track reconnaissance flights is a routine event. The most famous and tragic intercept occurred in 2001 when a Chinese F-8 collided with an American EP-3. This marked the first time an American asset was attacked by a Wal-Mart supplier. What is being ignored is that a Chinese warplane violated someone else’s sovereign airspace. Despite the rhetoric from Bernanke’s number one debt buyer; China did what it is accusing the US of doing.

 Regardless of China demands,   the U.S. will continue surveillance flights

 Further Analysis

 China’s Su-27s are incapable of reaching an altitude that would pose an actual threat to American U-2s. And since China’s Air Defense didn’t arm or fire surface-to-air missiles, my analysis of this incident is that the Chinese were testing Taiwan’s response time against an airborne threat.  The U-2 was a target of opportunity to conduct such a test.

Like Israel, Taiwan has the right to exist.  Nevertheless, this means nothing to the Obama Administration which has blocked the sale of F-16s and other weapon modernization programs to Taiwan because it would upset China.

 There is no question that Obama’s weakness has emboldened China. The question now : is where will China stop?

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4 thoughts on “Obama’s weakness has emboldened China to violate Taiwan’s airspace for first time since 1999”

  1. The fact that Obama is loathe to send American C/D Model F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan tells me that Obama is even more of a gutless wonder than I originally believed him to be.
    Without being able to renew its' fighting capabilities we leave Taiwan defenseless against the many claims China has made to lands and waters from Taiwan to the Philippines.
    Just add wimpy-ness in the face of Chinese "saber-rattling" to the list of "His Nibs' " character flaws.
    Congress should go ahead and pass the bills necessary to help re-arm Taiwan as they have wanted to do.
    Obama doesn't have a line-item veto yet.
    With "friends" of Taiwan like our American President, who needs enemies?

  2. Hussein can't afford to annoy the Chinese…not that he would want to anyway. After all, it;s China which is financing the One's tenure in office by providing the necessary vote-buying funds.

    And besides, as one of America's allies, Taiwan is to be automatically betrayed by Obama. Why should Taiwan be treated any differently from Britain and Israel!

    1. Dear Puppy
      Call me naive regarding the Chinese financing of the One's tenure ! Do you mean that Obama gains because China owns so much of our debt; or are there some other nefarious shenanigans afoot of which I am unaware?
      Please 'splain it to this simple gal.
      "Dissing" our allies has got to be one of the worst of "The Anointed One's" many nasty, un-American, traits.
      He has become a "separatist" with all our former alliances, and has instead chosen to align himself with third world satraps and Muslim Barbarians.

  3. The US has not blocked all weapons sales; just the F-16s. There was a major delivery earlier in the Obama Administration. The current President of Taiwan, whose party is allied to Beijing, and who himself is an ardent Chinese Nationalist, does not want the F-16s. The whole exercise is merely a pavane, political theatre.

    In not selling F-16s to Taiwan, Obama is merely following Bush's foreign policy, which after some initial bluster, consisted of consistently serving Beijing for most of his two catastrophic terms. Bush also refused to sell Taiwan F-16s. The policy drift in American East Asia policy is also the result of Bush's obsession with murdering brown people to no good purpose in the Middle East, which Obama has continued. That drift suits many US foreign policy commentators, since so many of them are quietly operating lucrative China businesses.

    It is not "Obama's weakness" that has emboldened China, but rather the precipitous US decline which began with Bush's decision to wage multiple wars at the same time, which Obama has widened and worsened, as well as the rapid rise in Chinese power, and the fact that the current ruling party in Taipei is allied to Beijing, leaving Beijing free to ramp up tensions elsewhere.

    Finally the Su-27 incident was hardly the first since 1999 although ignorant western papers reported it that way. Public reports of numerous violations during the Bush Administration are on the internet, should you care to do the due diligence.

    Obama is not weak and Republicans are not strong. Rather, both Bush and Obama serve the same center-right political establishment that runs the US, especially in foreign policy. Note that throughout this entire manufactured debt crisis only a few principled libertarians and the progressives in gov't have called for the wars to end, which would balance the budget instantly. Both parties have simply ruled that as out of bounds for discussion. Sad.

    Michael Turton
    The View from Taiwan

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