Obama and his media use “No Soap Radio” to herd “hip and cool” dupes to the polls

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Speaking with characteristic clarity Ronald Reagan summed up talking to liberals saying, “It isn’t that Liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” The Great Communicator’s point was that in “Liberal-speak” making sense is not important; how you feel about something and how your words make others feel is the desired end result. Barack Obama has a perfect understanding of this feature of the liberal psyche. He has reintroduced “No soap radio” to unsuspecting dupes trying to be relevant.

 Obama uses it to herd stupid people into thinking whatever he says makes sense and the media makes believe it does to complete the con. This past election cycle Obama often moved his lips knowing that only his “know nothing” supporters ever thought he made sense. Nevertheless to them “making sense” is never relevant. They had and continue to have no idea they were and still are the butt of a cruel “joke” whose fake punch line might as well be “No soap radio.”

If a “joke” with this supposed punch line makes no sense to you it’s because you think rather than emote so Obama doesn’t care about you anyway. “No soap, radio” as a cruel prank has been around since the 1940’s. To pull it off there must be a story teller (Obama) and a second conspirator (the media) to “laugh” at the bogus “punch line.” The story teller relates a brief story which is presented as the body of a joke then delivers the punch line, “No soap radio” which of course has no relation whatsoever to the body of the “joke.” The conspirator “laughs” and to appear to “understand” the “joke,” the dupe laughs as well.

In reality there is no joke but the dupe is so eager to appear “hip cool – down with the brotha,” that he/she laughs. For Obama’s voters it becomes, “It sounded “funny” and the guy on television thinks it makes sense so it must be a great “joke.”  When Obama serves up his next idiotic pile of gibberish the media lights the “applaud” sign and the process is repeated.  The dupes feel superior,  as if they are laughing at an inside joke only the “in crowd” understands.

These people never admit they don’t know what Obama is talking about. They just move to the next trough. To them that’s all matters. This is why they will be so hard to defeat.


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5 thoughts on “Obama and his media use “No Soap Radio” to herd “hip and cool” dupes to the polls”

  1. Losing really, really hurts, now doesn’t it? It makes people say all sorts of silly or crazy and yes, very stupid things. I hope you get over the pain sometime. Really.

    1. If you think Obama saying “We can tax our way out of poverty, Bush is to blame for everything.”, “Bush started Fast and Furious” “Benghazi was caused by a movie” and “We tried their way (on how to fix the economy) and it doesn’t work.” all makes sense then you probably “get” “No soap radio” and think it’s funny. Get lost dumbbell.

      1. How does it feel to be a grotesque mistake of nature Francine? Now you are even dumb enough to call yourself Francine. You are a self- hating mistake and coming here to impress me and get my attention like a lost little child has become your whole life. But as I told you, I’m not your father go to him if you know who he is and ask him why you are the way you are.

  2. MarkRosenthal, you are the typical liberal sociopath. You gloat out to look good in self congratulating tones which ignore the point, but deep down you are hurt and want to strike back because YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE LOSER.

    It’s OK, it’s called return to vomit.

    1st Republicans free the slaves with Civil Rights, then the Democrates appoint the newly empowered idiot liberal blacks and jews, and then make them feel good and dum them back down to the Republican plantation, who throw their arms up in the air.

    In other words Rosenthal, you don’t know that ultimately the flip the joke is on you, just like in the “No soap radio”, you follow like a dumb fool a path back to Herr Hitler.

    1. You know nothing about me, but your anger tells me a lot about you. When Bush was re-elected in 2004 (which I predicted, btw), I didn’t write the kind of crap that right wing nutjobs are writing.

      And since I myself am a Jew, I don’t think I will be following any paths back to Hitler, but you raw hatred of Jews is now showing. Tsk, tsk. And you wonder why we jews generally don’t go for Conservatives…

      And the Republicans are still wondering why they (once again) got a pasting for the second presidential election in a row.

      I’ll give you a hint: constantly demonizing black, brown, yellow and red people, demonizing non-christians, demonizing gays and demonizing liberals AND moderates is no way to win an election. For most of those people make up the middle, and without the middle, you can’t win. But please, by all means, keep of the good work of spewing such crap, both here and at Free Republic (those traitorous scum who killed Nick Berg, yes, I know the story all too well). Then Hillary wins with at least 60% in 2016. “Please proceed, Governor”.

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