Obama birth certificate story not going away


By George Spelvin,  staff writer

According to lead Obama investigator Mike Zullo, fear of ridicule is the number one reason authorities are not acting on the mountain of verifiable evidence of document fraud concerning Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Appearing on the Carl Gallups, Freedom Friday call-in show, Zullo said, “We are dealing with a fraudulent document that would never survive scrutiny of the judicial process.” (1)

Disinformation and the intentional dissemination of false information to protect Obama, will not survive in the face of what Zullo is calling a 100% fabricated document.  He listed the following tactics used to discredit the research of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse:  media black outs; ridicule of opponents;  infiltration and domination of message boards;  setting up straw men to create an argument to chip away at the truth and simply ignoring the facts.  “All we ask [is that Obama] bring forward the real original document,” said Zullo.

Ridicule is among the most effective of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.  The godfather of community organizers, Alinsky said: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. Since this tactic is almost impossible to counteract, the opposition becomes infuriated and then reacts to your advantage.” (2)  Though frustrated himself, Zullo assures listeners that the truth will come out.  Speaking directly to those who have been “chasing this longer than I,” Zullo says the truth will eventually be known and will vindicate those who have worked to reveal the  “greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.” (3)  A Rule of Law investigator, the detective continued: “The Obama Document Fraud attacks our core principles; we are a nation of Laws, not of Men.” (3)

But Zullo grew pensive when he spoke about the reception that he and radio host Gallups received at the recent C-PAC event.  “People are afraid,” he said. Gallups pointed out the Allen West betrayal as being just one of many examples of VIPs who backed out of a promise to support the Document Fraud investigation.  “We Don’t Remember Making that Promise,” one politician said.  The internet spins round and round with stories of deaths of key witnesses, friends, acquaintances  who suddenly  died, were shot, or even had to leave the country, as occurred in one instance.  The secretive nature of events, threats, and disinformation are all more obstacles the Cold Case Posse have encountered as they try to find out who in the White House constructed the fraudulent Obama birth certificate released on-line in 2011.

As the long call-in show began to wind down, both Zullo and host Gallups remained optimistic that a breakthrough in this case is coming within the next three to six months.  But the most poignant moment came at the end when they described their visit to the grounds of Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home.  “Barack Obama is the only president in U.S. history who has never set foot on Mount Vernon property,” an old caretaker told them.  Obama also is the only American president to spend millions of dollars to hide who he really is from the American people!

SOURCES:  (1)  (3)  Carl Gallups Freedom Friday radio show on 4-5-2013 at WEBY.com, also at www. BirtherReport.com

(2) http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2249577/posts


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8 thoughts on “Obama birth certificate story not going away”

  1. I still stand with Mike Zulo and Sheriff Joe Arpaio the only two men
    in America with any Balls at all.

  2. Even though the birth certificate is false, the federal courts won’t hear the case. It’s not expedient to remove a sitting president. They don’t want to “rock the boat”.

    Meanwhile, the great impostor writes executive orders, one after another. It’s a disgrace.

  3. Why is Zullo’s investigation based on who in the White House created the phony birth certificate? That’s like searching for the guy who gave the gun to the murderer rather than looking for the murderer. Who cares, or of what importance is the person who did that lousy and amateur photoshop certificate. The real criminal is Obama. When is Zullo going to file charges against him with the appropriate authorities. He’s as bad as those who he’s criticizing.

  4. America is the only developed nation in which the ditch people are skinny, and the poor people obese.

    America is the only developed country in which those attempting to get to work sit at a four way red light at 07:00 watching a geriatric pensioner wheel her cart to the convienience store.

    America is the only country in which a geriatric old lady beats you to the store… and you patiently wait to buy your coffee as she sorts out the scratch ticket thing and English language with ackhmed.

    America is the only developed country where native working people sweep up the trash in a public housing project full of people who do not speak English. Then get reprimand for offending the sensibilities of some Zimbabwe native sacrificing a chicken on your trucks tailgate.

    Soon… adult supervision shall resume.


  5. This from G & E Fifth Reader

    Should any President violate his solemn obligations of office –should he dare knowingly to exclude honest merit, and promote to office for dishonorable ends, the fawning tools of party; He may receive the outward and temporary applause of obsequious sycophants, but must even by them be inwardly despised–his doings will pass the searching ordeal of an enlightened posterity, and his happiest fate on earth will be an early oblivion; but no evasion can shield him, or any who pander for power, and barter principal for office, from the inevitable retribution of heaven.


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