Judge Malihi about to lower the boom on Barack?

by Doug Book,  staff writer

 At the beginning of yesterday’s hearing to determine the legal and Constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama for placement on the State of Georgia ballot in November, Judge Michael Malihi was said to have read “the last paragraph of [Obama] Attorney Michael Jablonski’s letter” to Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp.  And in the barely 2 hour proceedings which reviewed 3 lawsuits demanding Obama not appear on that ballot, this might have been the most significant “statement” made by the otherwise reserved Malihi.  (1)

Like Obama, Jablonski was a no-show in the Georgia courtroom, leaving Obama represented by no counsel at the proceeding.

And although the judge adjourned the hearing with no decision, no ruling, in fact nothing more than a “thank you” to the participants, the last paragraph of Jablonski’s letter states “We await your taking the requested action and as we do, we will, of course, suspend further participation in these proceedings, including the hearing scheduled for January 26th.” (2)

Well Obama had been subpoenaed to appear in that courtroom. The subpoena had been specifically and without reservation upheld by Judge Malihi just 6 days earlier. So Obama was in obvious violation of the court’s order.

So maybe, just maybe Judge Malihi read the final words of Jablonski’s hyper arrogant, “we don’t believe your little state or your silly hearing are worth our time” letter for the purpose of reading into the record the fact that it was indeed the decision of Obama and his attorney to NOT attend and to NOT honor legal subpoenas.  

And if that is the case, it means Malihi is clearing the decks for either a default judgment against the president, or the implementation of a legal remedy of some sort for Obama’s self-important refusal to appear or even respond to the proceeding with counsel.

Naturally it would take an attorney to decipher any “legal” significance in Malihi’s actions, but through his past rulings the judge has made it abundantly clear that he will follow the laws of the state of Georgia to the letter and accept no grandstanding or phony arguments from either side, not even from a president.

And it is against the law to ignore a subpoena, perhaps all the more so when the judge himself refused to allow Obama’s earlier request that the subpoena be quashed.

It might be significant that Georgia Secretary of State Kemp backed Malihi to the hilt in his response to Michael Jablonski’s letter, telling the lawyer “…If you and your client choose to suspend your participation in the OSAH proceedings, please understand that you do so at your own peril.” (3)

 In short, though you and your client clearly don’t think much of our state or its laws, we will conduct the business of both just as though you were mere mortals rather than privileged characters.

When will Judge Malihi issue a ruling and what weight of law will it carry? Attorneys for both sides have until February 5th to present additional evidence for their claims. Soon after that we will know how determined the State of Georgia is in seeing to it their laws are obeyed…even by a president.

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 To read more use these links: (1)http://www.thepostemail.com/2012/01/26/georgia-ballot-hearing-under-way/

(2) https://nativeborncitizen.wordpress.com/2012/01/25/jablonski-letter-to-secretary-of-state-kemp/

(3) http://www.thenationalpatriot.com/?p=4122

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18 thoughts on “Judge Malihi about to lower the boom on Barack?”

  1. Since this piece was written, it's been reported that Judge Malihi had offered plaintiff's counsel a default judgement prior to the hearing based upon the absence of Obama and his attorney. Not one of the three wanted to go that way as evidence against Obama's eligibility had NEVER been presented in a court. In all previous hearings around the country it had been the judge's decision that none of those bringing suit had "standing."

    So it appears the decision of Judge Malihi will be based on the evidence presented by each of the attorneys in the 3 unconnected suits. Deadline for additional filings with the court will be February 5th.

    1. The Judge said the default ruling would be in the plaintiffs favor and yes they argued to put their evidence and arguements in to the recort. Hatfield and Irions got 30 mins, Taitz 2 hours, she used 1.Taitz was ill prepared, disrespectful to the court and bullied her own wittnesses. But she accomplished 3 great things in spite of most of herself and due to her perserverence.
      1. She got good evidence on the fradulant SSN and forged BC in to the record.
      2. She got BO/s three different last names on record.
      3.She hammerred home that BO has never shown anyone his bonafides.

      1. continued from linda jordan

        I think the NBC issue is critical. That said I firmly believe that obama and lawyer did not show because they had no defense to counter the fradulant SSN and forged BC. They could argue day and night against the NBC and a liberal court is more than willing to ignore the constitutionality of it. However, the ONLY defense they could have mounted against Taitz's evidence is to allow the court and plaintiff's lawyers and experts to review the original SSA application and the original long form bc from hawaii.
        Thats what the law says whenever the authenticity of a document is in question…you must produce the original.
        If obamas lawyer would have shown up he would have been in greater peril because the judge would have asked to see the originals and they could not have allowed that to play out. So Orly did good and we all owe her thanks in spite of her lack of professional behavoir in the courtroom.

          1. linda,

            As an attorney, Taitz makes a heck of a good dentist. But give her a world of credit for hanging in, taking the daily abuse of the media AND those supposedly on her side and finally finding a state /venue where she could actually present, well or not, the information she worked so hard for so long to present. She's worked for 3 years and traveled all over the nation, spending who knows how much of her own money just for the 1 hour she was able to utilize in Georgia. She's a tough cookie.

  2. As I understand it, this action covers the primary ballot only. If Obama's name is taken off the primary ballot, and the DNC provides the state of Georgia with an affidavit stating that Obama is the Democrat Party candidate for President, what happens with the general election ballot?

    1. Michael,

      Regardless of the wishes of the Democrat Party, if the Ga. Secretary of State determines Obama should not be on the ballot as a matter of Georgia law, he'll not appear. The Georgia law clearly makes it a matter of legality concerning citizenship requirements as defined in that law. If Obama is ruled to fail that, he would be disqualified and unable to appear on ANY Georgia ballot for an office in which he would not be legally permitted to serve.

      And this would also extend to all other states! Take a look at the link below.

  3. The judge issued this ruling on the motion to direct and/or request the Hawaii documents.

    "The Court has reviewed the motion by Plaintiffs, Farrar, Lax, Judy, Malaren, and Roth, to direct and/or request the Court in Hawaii to order the release of certain Hawaii documents to the Plaintiffs. This Court lacks jurisdiction or authority to direct or request documents from Hawaii. Plaintiffs' motion is denied."

    He also gave the Plaintiffs until Wednesday to file any post hearing pleadings.

    It is all but dead now.

  4. The court may lack jurisdiction to order Hawaii to produce but he could and did order obama to produce. Obama did not and did not show up to argue why he did not have to comply with the judges order to produce. I think the judge has no choice but to go with Plaintiffs on this matter. By not showing up Obama gave up his right to even appeal Malihi's decision I believe.

    1. I too believe the judge will rule for the plaintiffs. It will then be up to the Secretary of State to make a final decision on Obama's qualifications for the ballot in November or in the primary, either way. Should he decide against Obama, Van Irion will file for an injunction to prevent the Democrat Party from placing Obama on ANY state ballot as their choice for president!

      Even CNN might have to report that!

  5. i was really counting on this constitutional defense to eliminate Obummer from our lives. but, after doing some research, i am a bit confused by the "birthers'" claim of a 'natural born citizen' requirement…. All transcripts of the constitution i can find online (including Wikipedia) say "No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States." — note the statement "or Ctizen…". I tried to read photos of the constitution, but could find none with high enough resolution. I have found many arguments from both sides, claims of multiple changes being submitted but denied, etc. We all know from the Mexican equation, that if their baby is born here, it is a citizen… so question is… does the constitution also say "or Citizen…"???

    1. I am no attorney but as I read and TRY to understand it or citizen, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, would imply they were talking about the present time of signing wouldn't they?? I believe they were referring to the status of the people involved with the forming of our nation as there were fewer Natural Born citizens with the exception of the original settlers and the Indians at the time ?? Maybe I am wrong but I try not to over analyze things. It does not imply that anyone regardless of birthplace can hold the office of the President of the US. Loyalties would come into play, Obama is proof.

    2. In the 1780's, natural born was understood to mean "having two American parents." The rest of the phrase in the Constitution just means anyone over 35 and an American at the the time the Constitution was signed would also be eligible for the presidency. We KNOW Obama is not a natural born citizen and he sure wasn't 35 when the Constitution was drafted.

  6. the only thing Hawaii has on file is a forged copy the same Odumbo put on line back in April. The Judge stated before any info was submitted that he was considering entering a ruling of default from the beginning, and he has already stated Default from the evidence that was subitted Odumbo is not a NBC, is legally qualified to sit in our house as POTUS. Now the SOS has to follow through and keep his name off the ballot come March 4th. Odumbos atty. sent a ltr to the SOS night before the hearing and said if you do not to show it will be at your own peril. By neither Odumbo or his atty not showing up for the hearing a ruling of default was entered.

  7. Get people to look at the FAKE birth certificate that Barry has online. Use this link. Zoom in as much as possible and look at the "1" on the end of the serial number being different/pasted in. Look at the "signature" at the bottom where there's a "nose", "eye" and "laughing mouth" on the "A" of "Alvin", the mouth LAUGHING at all the folks who think Barry is for real:

    It will take less than a minute to confirm what I say. He's already off the Georgia ballot for not going to court there. Get him off the rest of the states!

  8. Two things that would make me very happy, if Obama was not allowed on the primary and presidential ballot in GA and Obamacare would be overturned. Of course, if he is Proven ineligible, then I hope everything he signed into law would be immediately null and void. Any officials complicit in the cover up should be tried as well, ( think Nancy Pelosi).

  9. So here you are Doug. I thought I'd come on over and see what you do and where you blog. Wow! You are into the big time over here. I still need to get to that link because I kind of pooped out and fell asleep for awhile.

    I want to get as much info as possible. And thank you for posting this. It is great stuff. Let's hope the King goes down where he belongs.

    1. Welcome to CiR pepperhawk. Please visit often. The Obama eligibility story is one which we'll ALL be following for the next couple of weeks at LEAST. Feb. 5th is the last day for folks to get info, evidence, etc to Jugde Malihi's courtroom, after which he will make his ruling to pass onto the Sec of State. We're in for some very interesting times ahead.

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