Obama Executive Orders designed to ban owners, not guns

by Doug Book,  staff writer

Realizing that a shooting war with American citizens would not bode well for an Obama legacy which will already require a blanket guarantee of willful amnesia on the part of historians, the president’s handlers on Wednesday decided it best to propose an Executive ban on gun owners rather than on the guns they own.

If fact, nowhere in the list of 23 executive actions recommended by Obama will the American public find the words, “these weapons will be banned” or “confiscation will begin on…”   The president wisely left the heavy lifting of “assault weapons” bans and other unconstitutional offensives on the 2nd Amendment to congress, placing lawmakers in a rock-and-a-hard-spot position for which any existing red state Democrats are no doubt less than grateful.  (1)

But the scheme Obama did choose is far more insidious than any direct attack on the weapons of choice of American gun owners. For the president is seeking to disqualify by federal fiat the 2nd Amendment rights of gun owners themselves.  How will it be accomplished? It’s all about the massive expansion of shared state and federal background check information currently unavailable to bureaucracies so as to protect the privacy—and liberty– of the American public.

First on Obama’s list is his promise to “issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal agencies to make relevant data available to the federal background check system.”  In fact five of the 23 executive actions the president claims will “reduce gun violence” involve a new federal reliance on the sharing of information gleaned from background checks. Three others actions feature an emphasis on information concerning mental health. And twice Obama links the safety of the public to ObamaCare and the necessity that doctors question patients about gun ownership. (2)

In short, the left is seeking to turn gun ownership into an issue of public health. “A lot of people buy guns every year, and it’s a health concern,” claims a University of Pennsylvania social policy professor. “Doctors ask patients about illegal drug use, disease history and sexual habits, So, Why not guns?” (2)

Why not guns? Suppose your father, who suffers from Alzeimers, moves into your home. As 8 of Obama’s executive action pledges on gun control involve medical or mental health, the new bureaucracy of shared patient information will inform the Center for Disease Control of this move. A letter will then be sent to your attention from the CDC, the ATF or the DOJ demanding your home immediately be cleared of the weapons known to exist there thanks to an ObamaCare initiated, doctor-patient interview in which you participated 2 years earlier! After all, an Alzeimers patient poses a particular danger where guns are readily available! (2)

If this sounds far-fetched, you don’t know the contempt in which the Regime holds the gun owning public.

MAKE NO MISTAKE, Obama is indeed coming for the guns of the American people.  But rather than decide which guns we’ll not be permitted to own, the left will simply tell us that we’re not allowed to own ANY!

Americans have spent years preparing for a shootout with would-be tyrants. Well, we’ll certainly have it. Just a bit later, perhaps, than originally expected.


(1) http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/jan/16/obama-using-gun-issue-advance-health-law/

(2) http://www.inquisitr.com/483855/obamas-push-to-make-gun-control-a-public-health-issue-is-terrifying-op-ed/#otmlccOrP17eKdhD.99


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5 thoughts on “Obama Executive Orders designed to ban owners, not guns”

  1. I have a suggestion that should get rid of 51% of gun ownership….Everybody who voted for Obama should be forced to turn in their guns. Obviously they aren’t mentally stable enough to own one.

  2. It is well past time for a new Revolution. Obama is pushing the American People into a war….a war he and his Marxists will not win.

    1. For Ed and Samantha,
      I’ve included this link to a most interesting piece written on the Federalist Paupers blog. Entitled “Why Terrorists can never win,” the author reveals the numbers of hunters who take to the woods each year during deer season. Four states alone feature armed hunters who would represent the largest army in the world!
      Replace the “terrorist” in the title with “domestic tyrant” and the issue becomes very clear.
      It’s a short piece and well worth your time.
      As always, thank you for reading Coach is Right.

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