Obama, if wind works so well why are Scots facing “heat or eat?” and paying over $7.00 for gas?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Scotland, one of Barack Obama’s models for his bogus wind power scam has literally seen the wind go out of her socialist politically correct sails.  

Scotland is the poster boy for the failure of wind power as a genuine source of energy. All of the high and mighty talk about wind as a viable alternative source of energy is now gone, not in the strong productive winds of the drawing board, but with the gentle breezes that are Scotland’s reality. 

 The Scottish government’s ill-advised but politically correct “wind; not fossil fuel” scheme has so devastated  the average Scottish household’s economy that many have been confronted with the choice of “heat or eat.”

Scotland’s falling for the global warming hoax is killing people. The problem is so well understood it has a name: “fuel poverty.”

The cost comparison between relying on wind power versus using plentiful and efficient natural gas is stunning. A study by Edinburgh University shows gas costs to by roughly 11% of what wind generated power would costs when projected over the next eight years!

Because of the unreliable nature of wind power systems they REQUIRE the construction and constant maintenance of parallel gas turbine energy generating systems.

Absent political correctness and gullibility a sane administration would reject – out – of –hand building redundant systems as foolishness.    

 The average Scottish household is already spending more than 1/7th  of its monthly income (not its total expenses but its TOTAL monthly income) on gas and electricity.  Even the Scottish government admits there are at least 900,000 or almost 40% of its households suffering the “heat or eat” nightmare.   

 Gasoline prices in Scotland are (at the dollar equivalent) over $7.00 per gallon and climbing.  

Obama has got to be made to answer some simple direct questions: If wind power works so well; why aren’t the Scots swimming in gas?

Why aren’t the Scottish wind mills working? Is this another instance where socialists whine “It works if you just do it the right way?”, as they do to escape criticism of Communism?

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One thought on “Obama, if wind works so well why are Scots facing “heat or eat?” and paying over $7.00 for gas?”

  1. all the information out there-all the facts, that we as "ordinary working class Americans"-just trying to provide a good life for ourselves and help contribute to making our children's future bright, have been able to foresee what Obama had in store for Our country. When Obama took "control" of our country I instantly became a liar to my children-"school is your job, work hard, always do your best, and remember, attitude is everything!" these are the encouraging-guiding words that I would offer my children. Never in a million years would I have thought that a fellow American would be standing in the Oval Office apologizing for our country, with the "First Lady" admitting she has never been proud of this country until now. Our children's future looks bleak-the prospects of advancing in careers, attending church of our choice; our schools, our banks, our healthcare, the choice of union or no union, and the sheer lack of knowledge and experience that this President has shown from day one on how to keep this great country the leader, the most fearless(ALL those who have and are currently serving for OUR FREEDOMS), prospects for our small businesses to grow and support their communities – this so-called leader has placed more czars, more inexperienced financial advisors, ignored generals advice, my God!!! Will 'We the People' ever be again. I am all for things like exploration when it comes to advancement in energy-but at our expense!!! Why?! How could anyone take office and drag us through the mud?! The man is brilliant, afterall, he was able to convince millions to vote for him irregardless of his lacking in experience in ANYTHING that had to do with leading this, once, great country. I weep for the future and pray for the souls of our children.

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